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World’s First GM Fish Factory Could Be Built in Canada, Producing 250 Metric Tons Per Year

By On April 28, 2017

Have you ever seen the movie ‘GMO OMG?’ In the film, which documents the growing ubiquitous nature of GMOs in the United States, a father goes to great lengths in order to ensure a natural, GMO-free diet for his kids, as is the norm in dozens and dozens of countries around the world.

His travels lead him to a remote park where he examines the state of wild caught fish, and thinking that the fish is GMO free, decides that it might be a good source of food for his kids.

Unfortunately, his research leads him to a shocking conclusion: even the wild caught fish may very well have been fed GMOs, from food pellets comprised of GMO corn and soy as they are being raised by state officials.

Now, the GMO experiment in fish may be spreading to Canada, and at a far deeper level. And this time, it could come in the form of the world’s first genetically engineered fish factory.

World’s First GMO Fish Factory Coming to Canada?

According to a new report from the website, the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network and other organizations have become aware of an application from the Prince Edward Island Government about a new GM experiment that may taking place soon.

The organization found that the biotechnology company AquaBounty, which is behind the controversial GMO (genetically engineered) salmon, has told government officials of its intentions to raise GM Atlantic salmon on the island.

If their request is approved, it could lead to the creation of the world’s first GM fish factory.

The company currently owns a facility in Rollo Bay, PEI that it bought in 2016. According to the company’s 2016 Environmental Impact Statement, it clearly stated that it would not produce any GMO salmon or other fish at the site; however their current application seeks to produce as many as 250 metric tons of GMO Atlantic salmon per year in the new facility.

“We don’t want our island to be the global production site for the world’s first-ever GM fish,” said Sharon Labchuk of the coalition GMO Free PEI, “Less than one year ago AquaBounty reassured Islanders it would not grow GM fish here but now the company has revealed its true intentions.”

The impacts of a GMO salmon escape have not been federally assessed, said Mark Butler the Ecology Action Center based in Halifax according to the article.

“Federal ministers McKenna and LeBlanc should put this project on hold until government scientists evaluate the full risks of GM salmon production.”

“The potential production of this GM fish is a huge global concern,” added Lucy Sharratt of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network.

For more information, check out the full article by clicking on this link.

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