Why The Hell Is March Against Monsanto Talking About Vaccines?

By On April 18, 2016

Why is March Against Monsanto talking about vaccines? Well, I have a better question.

How do we turn our backs on those so callously harmed or killed by a leading health agency in the name of profit for Big Pharma?

When you sit back and really examine the similarities of the safe food movement and the vaccine awareness movement, it is an injustice to future generations to not unite these causes. What is happening to our children is criminal. What we are allowing to happen is reprehensible.

This isn’t about being for or against vaccines, and this isn’t about arguing studies, because those really mean nothing at this point. How can any study conducted by the CDC be considered valid in light of the revelation that blatant evidence tampering has happened?

What this is about is transparency and accountability. This is about a demand for independent safety testing to ensure that the syringes injected into our children are undeniably safe. This is about questionable vaccine ingredients and an explanation as to why carcinogens, genetically modified antigens and neurotoxins are necessary in preventing diseases that were viewed as relatively harmless just 20 years ago. This is about protecting our children from profiteers and exposing a greed-riddled pharmaceutical industry that values profit margins over anything else. This is about making sure every parent on this planet knows that the CDC destroyed evidence that has in turn destroyed thousands of lives.

How can we possibly trust the CDC? The fox is guarding the hen house and our children are the collateral damage. The CDC is so institutionally conflicted that an allegiance to Big Pharma overlords means more than scientific integrity and the health of a generation. How can there be trust in CDC safety assurances when a revolving door exists between them and the pharmaceutical industry where doctors and Big Pharma henchmen jump back and forth between the two, piling up promotions and bonuses. See the similarities, yet?

Let’s also remember the landmark research conducted by Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT. Dr. Seneff has studied autism for nearly a decade, along with environmental factors that trigger diseases. Prior to her work in biology and toxicology, she worked as a computer scientist so people like to act like she is unqualified on the topic despite the significance of her findings. Those findings point to Monsanto’s RoundUp/glyphosate and early, repeated exposure to a cocktail of heavy metals, including aluminum, via vaccination. What’s really concerning is that Dr. Seneff’s research proves glyphosate chelates manganese. It is believed that the absence of manganese can fuel autism development. Glyphosate paves the way for aluminum uptake in our bodies and interrupts the shikimate path for amino acid absorption.

Although Dr. Seneff’s research is in the early stages, numerous families with autistic children, who have drastically altered their children’s eating habits by choosing organic diets and eliminating pesticides and other harmful toxins, have reported incredible results. Improvements in cognitive ability, speech, and social behavior were seen in just a few weeks. While this evidence is certainly circumstantial, it does support Dr. Seneff’s research.

Given all that we have learned in just the last few years about Monsanto and their hijack of our food supply, regulatory agencies and government, is it really out of the realm of possibility that the pharmaceutical industry has hijacked our medical industry and health agencies in a very similar fashion?

Is it not alarming that the CDC has concealed evidence that has one thousand percent injured and killed children? How can we trust the health of our children with profiteers who only care about their Big Pharma allegiance? Who is really going to feel confident with any safety assurance made by such a morally bankrupt agency?

The CDC is not only complicit, but they are directly involved in concealing unfavorable evidence that would harm their pharmaceutical buddies’ bottom line. VAXXED: From Cover-up To Catastrophe details how the CDC and a team of leading researchers had a trash can party and destroyed evidence linking the MMR vaccine and autism. This happened 12 years ago. Since this diabolical action by those in charge of determining vaccine safety took place, we have seen an absolute epidemic of autism take a stranglehold on this country.

The skyrocketing autism epidemic would be unheard of 40 years ago. You cannot intelligently and rationally say this phenomenon is the result of better screening processes or more accurate diagnoses. In 10 years, the autism rates have increased from 1/110 to 1/50.

This is an environmental epidemic, not a genetic one.

Monsanto is poisoning our planet and population in their maniacal quest for profit and global domination. How is it not clear that Big Pharma is doing the EXACT same thing? It may be even worse because they are free from any liability. In fact, it is we the taxpayers who pay for the injuries and deaths that occur from poorly tested and unregulated vaccines.

A great man once said, “What is popular is not always right, and what is right is not always popular.” MLK’s words could not be more profound. While many will continue to call us ‘anti-science’ or ‘anti-vaxx’, we cannot let their ignorant words keep us from the mission of protecting our children. Our children deserve clean food and safe medicine and that cannot happen when money and power overshadow integrity and responsibility.

We will not stand for cronyism. We will not stand for poison.

Join the global March Against Monsanto happening in over 40 countries on May 21, 2016. Find your city here. For questions or to register a city not on the list, please email [email protected]

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