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Victory! European Court Rules that Gene Edited Crops Must Be Regulated as GMOs

By On July 29, 2018

The Monsanto and Bayer train is about to officially roll into town in the coming months, but a huge part of their plan hinges on deception rather than actually giving the people what they want: healthy, organic, nutritious and above all real food.

In Europe, Monsanto has been relegated mostly to the sidelines after a wave of GMO bans by EU member states that took place in recent years.

And now things have gotten even worse for the GMO agenda in Europe as it has been announced that the industry’s latest lab creations, CRISPR gene edited foods, will officially be regulated the same as GMOs, which could keep them mostly out of Europe for the foreseeable future.

CRISPR Gene Edited Crops To Be Treated As GMOs

According to this report from the website, the new gene edited crops will be regulated the same as GMOs after all.

There had been some question as to this potential outcome but Europe’s highest court ruled on Wednesday that the new gene-edited crops will face the same regulation and thus, likely, the same stiff opposition and likely bans from lawmakers, citizens and companies.

“It is an important judgment, and it’s a very rigid judgment. It means for all the new inventions such as CRISPR–Cas9 food, you would need to go through the lengthy approval process of the European Union,” said Kai Purnhagen, a Dutch legal scholar.

Many grassroots environmental organizations have welcomed the decision including Greenpeace.

“Releasing these new GMOs into the environment without proper safety measures is illegal and irresponsible, particularly given that gene editing can lead to unintended side effects,” Franziska Achterberg, Greenpeace EU’s food policy director, said in a press statement. “The European commission and European governments must now ensure that all new GMOs are fully tested and labelled, and that any field trials are brought under GMO rules.”

For more info, see the full article here.

Problems Arise in the U.S. with CRISPR GMOs

Meanwhile here in the states, the GMO CRISPR experiment will be foisted upon the public as expected, despite a lack of any long-term independent safety testing.

Monsanto recently signed a new $125 million dollar deal to produce more GMOs using CRISPR gene-editing technology, including strawberries and other favorite crops potentially down the line (read more here).

In April of this year, pro-GMO Secretary of Ag. Sonny Perdue signed off on a ruling that made it so that CRISPR GMOs would have even less regulation than traditional GMOs, which is already considered to be lax in the United States by world standards.

It’s all because of Monsanto’s longstanding cozy ties with the government, as well as the country’s obsession with unlabeled genetically modified junk food.

For now, be careful of what you buy, and be sure to support local organic farmers whenever possible while spreading the word. The importance of your support cannot be understated.

Also, be sure to avoid the following CRISPR gene-edited foods whenever possible: arctic apples, GMO potatoes (three varieties, looking for anything non-organic from the Simplot company), and potentially in the coming months, mushrooms.