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Victory!! Bee Harming Pesticides Face a Complete Ban in Europe After Latest Vote. Meanwhile, Here in the U.S…

By On April 30, 2018

While Monsanto’s chemical-centric form of agriculture has continued to rule the day in the United States with few signs of slowing, things have taken a dramatic turn in Europe.

Already roughly 20 countries have instituted some sort of ban on the cultivation of genetically modified crops, and iconic countries like Germany and France have been hard at work exploring ways to phase out or even ban the use of glyphosate, which was declared a “probable human carcinogen” in spring 2015 by the World Health Organization’s top cancer research body.

Human health is clearly being prioritized by these nations in stark contrast to what’s happening here in the States, and now the health of our pollinators is being highlighted thanks to a ground-breaking new ban that would almost completely do away with what some say is the bees’ biggest nemesis.

EU Member States Vote for Near-Total Ban on Bee-Killing Neonics

Following a shocking recent meta analysis on the effects of pesticide-coated neonicotinoid seeds and their role in harming bees, 16 EU member states have voted in favor of a near-total ban on neonicotinoid pesticides, which would only allow the seeds to be used in greenhouses and ban their outdoor use.

In the field, these pesticides are capable of causing serious wide spread harm to bees as revealed by a recent meta analysis.

Original analyses of these bee killing pesticides did not collect enough data to understand the true harm caused to bees by these neonics, as they only tracked deaths and not all of the negative effects they may have.

When the ban finally goes through, it will once again shine the spotlight on the widespread use of these pesticides in the United States and how we are killing our pollinators for the sole reason of allowing chemical corporations like Monsanto and Bayer to profit.

Bee-Killing Neonics Still Cause Widespread Bee Deaths in the U.S. 

According to The Guardian, neonics have consistently been used on millions of acres of farmland in the United States, and they are still widely used today.

Whether or not we’re able to phase them out and save as many bees as possible here depends largely on our ability to communicate these ideas to each other, since the mainstream media refuses to cover these issues with the type of critical eye that the media does in Europe.

Unfortunately one of the largest neonicotinoid producers in the world, Bayer, is about to have an increased role here in the states because of their purchase of the Monsanto Company for over $60 billion.

For now, the best we can do is spread the word, refuse to buy any plants treated with these pesticides at garden centers (ask the manager or company if you have any doubts), sign petitions and to write and call our state and national reps.

Currently one such petition to ban neonicotinoids has over 220,000 signatures and is nearing its goal of 250,000.

For more information on why the ban is needed and to sign it, you can click on this link.

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