VAXXED: The Documentary That Destroys The CDC’s Lies About Autism and Vaccines

By On April 10, 2016

I had the incredible opportunity this weekend to watch what I believe will ultimately end up being the most powerful documentary of our lifetimes, VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe.

After seeing this deeply troubling film, I can honestly say that I am done.

I am done trying to argue vaccine safety with people who vehemently trust information from someone strictly because they wear a lab coat. I am done trying to convince people how dangerous vaccine additives are and that carcinogens, genetically modified antigens and neurotoxins have no business being plunged into the muscle tissue of a developing child in the name of immunity from diseases that haven’t seen our shorelines since our grandparents were children. I am done trying to save those so blinded by Big Pharma talking points that they are willing to sacrifice their innocent children to the contents of a toxic syringe.

What I am not done doing is voicing loudly the deep corruption that exists at the CDC. I am not done doing my part to expose how senior scientists have destroyed damaging research that would have jeopardized the billion dollar vaccine industry. The callous destruction of evidence that has literally destroyed countless lives calls into question every single safety assurance made by this agency. If the CDC blatantly lied about something as profound as an MMR/autism link, what else are they lying about? What other research has been destroyed at the expense of our children?

VAXXED: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe focuses on recorded phone calls between Dr. Brian Hooker and Dr. William Thompson, a senior research scientist at the CDC, which reveal a high-ranking and well-respected research team destroyed critical evidence linking the MMR vaccine and autism. Dr. Thompson, unaware he is being recorded, provides in detail the lengths that were gone to hide the damaging research, asserting a secret meeting took place between the scientists, a trash can and the shocking findings.

The film provides proof that Dr. Frank DeStephano (who runs the Vaccine Safety Division), Dr. Coleene Boyle (Director of the Birth Defects & Developmental Disabilities Department), and former CDC director, Dr. Julie Gerberding (who is currently the executive vice president at pharmaceutical giant Merck) were involved in the literal destruction of research that proved an autism/MMR link, primarily in black children under the age of 3 who had as much as a 236% increase in the chance of developing autism following the common childhood vaccine.

I certainly wasn’t able to watch without tears as undeniable proof is presented in the film that the CDC has known for over ten years that the MMR vaccine was more than just casually linked to the development of autism. I couldn’t help but cry for the countless lives who have been forever altered by the CDC’s allegiance to the pharmaceutical industry, no matter the cost to innocent children or their families.

The film provides concrete video evidence of one child in particular who was severely damaged by the MMR vaccine. This sweet, blonde baby had reached all of his developmental milestones, and is documented on film laughing, running, smiling and interacting with his parents and sister. And then the MMR vaccine was administered. The footage following the vaccine portrays an entirely different child. The heartbreaking footage shows the toddler, who just days before was walking and even running, so confused that he can barely stand. He continues to try and stand repeatedly, only to take a couple steps, stumble and fall. Before the footage cuts off, you can see him try to walk on his head and hands, clearly frustrated and confused.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield narrates the film and should be regarded globally as a hero in an effort to save our children from the murderers running the CDC. Another thing I am done with is tolerating any mud-slinging or bashing of Dr. Wakefield. It is intolerable what the media and medical industry have done to this heroic man. I encourage you to learn the facts of the true story involving Dr. Wakefield. VAXXED does an amazing job of showing his courage despite the fact that so many have tried to destroy him for simply telling the truth. He believes the combination of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and the age that it is administered is what is of concern and actually states in his VAXXED interview that he believes the shots should be given individually. But as VAXXED documents, the CDC knows allowing children to be vaccinated in single doses would destroy the billion dollar vaccine program.

Anyone that wants to argue that Dr. Andrew Wakefield is “anti-vaccination” or a “quack” really needs to go do some independent research.

The documentary is emotional and extremely well done. A portion of the movie focuses on the Hear This Well movement which came to be following a mainstream media attempt to overshadow vaccine dangers with a television anchorwoman ignorantly stating “Hear this well, vaccines do not cause autism.” VAXXED shows just a few of the numerous submissions to the Hear This Well campaign and it’s hard not to feel a lump in your throat at the emotional testimony of the parents of these innocent children who are now serving a life sentence with a disease that very likely could have been avoided if scientific integrity had been demonstrated.

Regardless of your position on vaccination, the bottom line is that corruption exists at the CDC. This is an agency that is institutionally conflicted. Senior scientists are complicit and directly involved with the destruction of research that has harmed hundreds of thousands of lives. Instead of punishment for these heinous actions, promotions are doled out and everyone get richer. Regardless if you are of of the lucky ones, like myself, whose child wasn’t harmed by vaccines, the fact remains that there are children who have been harmed or killed. A vaccine injury court exists which uses tax payer dollars to compensate the families of babies and children who have been killed or damaged by vaccines. To remain neutral or even in denial to the fact that vaccines are hurting and killing children makes you complicit to the potentially civilization-ending epidemic we are facing. Regardless if your baby didn’t die following a round of vaccinations doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened or that it won’t continue to happen as long as the CDC is allowed to get away with this blatant evidence tampering.

The film also points to the fact that CDC scientist-turned-whistleblower Dr. Thompson has turned over all of this evidence to Congressman Bill Posey of Florida. Posey has had the information for over a year while doctors continue to inject children with this highly questionable vaccine and trick unsuspecting parents that vaccines are the greatest thing to modern medicine.

Where is the congressional hearing? Where is the national attention to this life-destroying lie that has been told for over a decade? Where is the president? Where are the health officials demanding answers and accountability?

I cannot express how deeply troubled I feel after seeing VAXXED. I don’t know how it is possible to see this film and not feel anger at a lie that has been perpetuated so the pharmaceutical industry could profit in the billions. I don’t know how someone could see this movie and not rethink and question every single assurance of safety ever made by their doctors. These are our children, for crying out loud! As parents, we are their protectors and it is up to us to make the best possible choices for their health. But how can we possibly do that when critical information is being kept from us?

I encourage you to see this film before considering vaccination. It is important to realize that every vaccine-injured child has a parent who once trusted in vaccines. The film makes you realize that we are all fumbling around in the dark for answers because the truth is not what we have been told. VAXXED will have you rethinking everything when it comes to the health decisions of our most precious humans. Doctors are using the CDC’s research to practice medicine, treat patients and educate parents. The sooner you realize that everything your doctor has told you originates from the morally bankrupt CDC, the closer we will be to saving a soon-to-be lost generation.

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