Vaccine Debate Erupts After Mainstream Reporter is Injured by Flu Shot

By On October 23, 2017

Ashley Glass of ABC Action News recently posted this picture to Facebook, complaining about some (relatively) mild symptoms following a flu shot.



What ensued was a storm of comments, comparable only to the public’s reaction to police posting about cannabis busts on Facebook.

Many people recalled their own stories of vaccine injury and presented info that is precious in the sea of false information that exists out there on vaccination.





The top comments read:

I sure hope you don’t get guillaine barre syndrome! That’s how it starts– numbness!!! Flu shot is the number one offender! Please go to vaers database and check out the enormous log, 56,000 reactions in just this year alone…..

My coworkers daughter in law died from GuIllaine barre syndrome complications from the flu shot.. so painful what she went through 6 weeks agonizing pain.

This terminology is fascinating. You got “My” flu shot. This how the industry has persuaded people that injecting multiple neurotoxins is just something that everyone does. “Your” flu shot. “My” flu shot. Brilliant marketing of a dangerous product. Get to a holistic doctor asap and start detoxing. And take this reaction as a warning. Next time it could be Guillain-Barre syndrome. Read the insert. That’s where the reactions are listed, but no doctor or pharmacist will give it to you.

They put it into your muscle it really hurts I no longer get the flu shot for my husband his friend up north went to a doctor and got the flu shot another man went to the same doctor and they both got the flu shot the same day both of them developed Guillain-Barre syndrome his friend couldn’t walk for a year he had to learn how to walk and talk and feed himself it took a year he lost his job it was a terrible situation both men sued the doctor and the medical company where that flu shot came from and they won so no more flu shots for us

For some perspective on the type of individuals commenting, here is an interview with a dedicated mother named Dayna Willar.

Her daughter was injured by the notorious HPV vaccine Gardasil several years ago, and her condition deteriorated into leukemia, a specific type of cancer known to happen after that shot.

According to Era of Wisdom:

“In 2010, Hayley Willar was one of the first young girls to receive the HPV vaccine Gardasil. She was very physically active, a competitive figure skater for most of her life.

Within a couple weeks of receiving Gardasil, she started to feel “not herself,” as described by her mother Dayna.

For the next few years she suffered severe migraines, ovarian cysts, an incapacitated immune system, anxiety, and other symptoms commonly reported by victims of Gardasil.

In 2013, she was diagnosed with leukemia. As countless people have been victims of “sudden death” after receiving this vaccine, as people such as Chace Topperwein have been afflicted with this specific type of cancer after Gardasil, Hayley became a victim as well: until her mother discovered cannabis oil.

Her mother began to research, and discovered countless other cases of ovarian cysts, autoimmune disorders, cancers, and issues resulting from Gardasil.

Before Dayna knew to treat her daughter with cannabis oil, they went the chemo route. She says her daughter had “every side effect imaginable” from the chemo.”

An entire awakening to the consequences of vaccines is underway. Too many people have been victims for this not to rise in the public consciousness.

As one commenter mentioned, thousands of victims are documented in official VAERS vaccine injury reports.


(Image credit: Fortune, Ashley Glass)