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Urgent: Call-to-Action Released to STOP Monsanto Plant on Sacred Native Farmland in Arizona

By On February 5, 2017

While chemical-intensive farming has mostly taken hold of the United States in the post-World War II era, the truth is that native family farmers have been doing just fine for hundreds upon hundreds of years.

One of the country’s most sacred native farming spots is in Pima County, Arizona, just outside of Tucson. But now, the area is under threat from Monsanto, as the company hopes to build an experimental GMO greenhouse right in the heart of the county’s historic farming region.

Activists in the area have come together in order to halt the project, but they need support as soon as possible, as noted by one major GMO free organization.

Urgent: Oppose Monsanto’s Special Tax Deal

Recently, the Facebook page GMO Free USA released a call-to-action for concerned citizens nationwide over the Pima County situation.

Monsanto is set to receive a special tax deal for its proposed 155-acre facility in the area, but the grassroots movement against it is heating up.

The goal of the call-to-action is to put pressure on the county’s five supervisors, in order to oppose Monsanto’s ‘Project Corn’ in the area. Because of the time sensitive nature of the issue, GMO Free USA is asking that all people opposed to the project call the following numbers: 520-724-8126 or 520-724-8449, in order to voice their opposition for the project.

Tucson has been designated as a World City of Gastronomy by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and the area has been continuously farmed longer than any in North America, going back over 4,000 years. It’s home to several diverse types of seeds and crops, but now Monsanto is hoping to work its way in, “greenwashing” its image by associating itself with a historical farming community that has thrived because of its commitment to learning, adapting, and growing organicallly.

In addition to phone calls and messages, GMO Free USA is also asking that people opposing the project send emails, to the following representatives in Pima County:

[email protected] (Clerk of the Board)
[email protected] Supervisor Ally Miller
[email protected] Supervisor Ramon Valadez
[email protected] Supervisor Sharon Bronson
[email protected] Supervisor Steve Christy
[email protected] Supervisor Richard Elias

A final decision is expected on February 21 as to whether or not Monsanto should be granted a “special tax zone” in order to build its plant, which will house both GMO and conventional corn crops. Those who oppose are being asked to include the following, or a similar message, in their emails:

I am in favor of safe, healthy communities.
I oppose the tax break for Monsanto.
I urge you to vote NO to ‘Project Corn’.
I am a concerned citizen.

For more information, visit, or email [email protected] if you’d like to assist the opposition movement.

A rally is being planned for the morning of Feb. 21st. at 7am. If you are able, be there!! For more information, please email [email protected]