“Toxic Docs:” New Columbia University Project Exposes Deepest, Darkest Secrets of Monsanto and Other Chemical Companies

By On January 25, 2018

As we become more and more in tune with what’s really going on behind closed doors in the world of governments and the big corporations that have been polluting our planet, the spotlight has been focused squarely on what they’ve really been hiding over the years.

Case in point, number one would be Monsanto’s glyphosate, which has been shown to cause serious carcinogenic effects for over three decades, during which the EPA has covered up much of the evidence of these links.

Now, the record books of some of the world’s most controversial and highly destructive chemical companies are being opened up, in a brand new database over two years in the making that sheds light on some of Monsanto and other companies’ most personal, insidious secrets.

Erin Brockovich Shares Info on “Toxic Docs” Database

“Go research for yourself…read just how pure evil exists in our world today,” renowned environmental attorney Erin Brockovich said recently on her Facebook page, while sharing information on the aforementioned new project released by Columbia University’s Center for the History and Ethics of Public Health.

Brockovich has made a career out of holding the big environmental polluters accountable, and seemed excited to share the news with her nearly 800,000 followers.

“Millions of pages of documents have emerged from the vaults of the world’s largest multinational chemical firms, most still in business today,” she said. “These documents include secret board room minutes, internal scientific studies, memos between employees, discussions of public relations and political lobbying strategies, among many more.”

Some of the lawsuits include those on dangerous materials such as lead, asbestos, silica, PCBs, and other dangerous substances, she added.

The documents are searchable via text and machine-readable, thanks to innovations in parallel and cloud computing, she continued, and one of Monsanto’s biggest secrets is mentioned prominently among them. and How to Use It

Within the website, which can be viewed by clicking on this link, there is a treasure trove of information on how the chemical companies have worked behind-the-scenes in order to hide the truth from the mainstream media and everyday citizens.

Included is a database that allows users to search millions of pages of previously classified documents on industrial poisons and the harm they are capable of causing.

The search function allows for easy use, and for people who may have been affected to receive the documents they need for legal and other purposes.

In addition, the free and open website posts different documents on the front page of its website to spotlight just how careless these companies have been in unleashing their poisons on the unknowing population.

For example, Monsanto executives were faced with a choice in August 1969 during which they were given three different options for dealing with growing opposition to their toxic PCBs chemicals.

The three choices were: 1) go out of business, 2) sell the hell out of them, and 3) try to stay in business in controlled applications.

For more information on what they did from that point on, and to see the official documents, check out the website’s main page by clicking here (just scroll down a bit to see the section on Monsanto and PCBs).