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Top 6 Historical Reasons Not to Trust GMOs and Monsanto and Bayer-Created “Food” Products

By On July 19, 2018

Monsanto has long been one of the top producers of GMOs, but because these lab created foods aren’t labeled, many people don’t even realize that they’re supporting the oft-voted “Most Evil Company in the World” with each purchase.

Supporters of GMOs, whether paid by the Biotech industry or not, point to government safety approvals as evidence that these foods are “safe.”

But what they fail to realize is that there’s a long history of scandals preceding the approval and widespread adoptions of GMO food ingredients in the United States, which serve as clues tuning us into the vast conspiracy of the true health effects of these creations.

Over the 20+ years that GMOs have been on the market, independent studies have been squashed, journalists have been forced to resign, and newspapers have censored the truth, allowing our food supply to become corrupted by the very companies that specialize in creating poisons.

With that in mind here are the top six historical reasons to avoid GMOs, buy organic and grow organic whenever possible:

1. GMO Potato Exposed in Europe- When scientist Arpad Pusztai discovered several concerning health effects relating to GMOs in Europe, it made front page news, in stark contrast to the United States where uncensored information on the true health effects of these crops is not allowed.

Since then the cultivation of these crops has been virtually halted, leading to widspread bans in recent years. The power of the press on full display.

2. George Bush’s Infamous Seven Words- In a visit to Monsanto headquarters prior to the approval of key GMO crops, George H.W. Bush was caught on tape saying “Call me, we’re in the de-reg business” to Monsanto officials. Not long after, Monsanto was able to overcome previously insurmountable safety hurdles to get their crops approved.

Decades later, American farm lands are drowning in chemicals from these “Roundup Ready” crops.

3. Warnings from the FDA’s Own Scientists- According to public interest attorney Steve Druker, offer of the hard-hitting investigative book ‘Altered Genes, Twisted Truth,’ the FDA’s own scientists warned about increased allergy risks from GMO foods and crops.

Despite that, political collusion allowed these crops to become approved anyway, without any special warnings or labels.

4. Roundup Dangers- Most GMO crops are engineered either to produce a Bt insecticide within the crop, or to be sprayed heavily with Roundup herbicides. Roundup’s main ingredient glyphosate was dubbed a “probable human carcinogen” in 2015 by the IARC of the World Health Organization.

5. Forgotten Studies- Monsanto points to GMO safety studies conducted through labs they have affiliations with, or studies that are done in-house, as proof of GMO safety. But the truth is that there are tons of independent research papers showing the ill effects of GMOs and synthetic pesticides (you can view many of them here).

6. Monsanto and Bayer’s Sordid History- If you haven’t heard yet, Monsanto and Bayer, a new combined company planning to control over 25% of the world’s seeds industry, is the latest GMO giant on the block.

But both companies have closets stocked full of skeletons, as you’ll see in this article, including a history of supporting the war efforts in Vietnam and Nazi Germany, respectively.

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