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Thousand Fold Increase in Autism Prevalence Seen Since the 1930s

By On July 19, 2018

The cause of the shocking recent rise of autism spectrum disorders has been widely debated in many different circles, and everyone seems to have their theory.

Some reports have stated that increased diagnosis and recognition are the biggest and most important reasons for the increased numbers of reported cases, while others point to environmental and health related factors.

Longtime MIT scientist Stephanie Seneff for example reported recently that her calculations showed a major correlation between the use of the Roundup (glyphosate) herbicide with autism, a claim that has been hotly debated in the mainstream.

At any rate, one thing’s for sure: something fishy is going on, and it may take another few decades to truly get to the bottom of it.

Autism Trends on the Rise Since 1930s in Many Unique Ways

According to a report from the top autism tracking organization in the country, the California Department of Developmental Services, autism rates have skyrocketed since the 1930s.

The following trends were observed after combing through 13 different years of reports from the CDDS:

-A gradual creeping upward effect of autism prevalence emerged from “near-zero levels” since around 1940. Interestingly, the post-World War II era brought us chemical-intensive farming over the course of this decade, which may be another correlation point.

-A more rapid rise was detected in 1980, according to the data.

-The rise continued and hit a rapid “change point between 1988 and 1990.” While more specific data hasn’t been studied as to why this may have happened, it’s worth noting that a law was passed granting all vaccine makers immunity from lawsuits back in 1986, leading to the current culture of neglect that has taken over the pharmaceutical industry. Could there be a possible connection?

-A sustained period of rapid increase was seen in the 1990s, but a brief tapering off was recorded in the early 2000s. Interestingly, the GMO experiment was foisted upon the American people without labeling in the mid-90s, leading to more sprayings of the toxic glyphosate chemical linked to gut bacteria disruption.

-Another accelerated increase was recorded in 2006-2007.

What Does This Mean for Autism Going Forward?

According to recent calculations the autism treatment industry could reach as high as $500 million or more in the next decade. People will be paying huge amounts attempting to fix a problem that we still haven’t figured out as a society.

The good news is that many people have seen improvements through holistic doctors’ treatments, cutting GMOs out of their children’s diets and going organic, and detoxing potential damage from vaccines and environmental toxins along the way.

While every parent has their own decisions to make, as a society we would do well to investigate many of these potential sources further.

Because as the data shows, we clearly have been going backwards, and it just so happens to coincide perfectly with the era of “better living through chemistry” that brought us gene-spliced foods, mercury-laced vaccines and other highly questionable “advances.”

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