This Bottled Water is Causing Violent Illness: May Contain E. Coli, PVC Plastic Particles

By On January 5, 2018

About 3 weeks ago, it was brought to my attention that the Australian chain grocery store Coles (a very large chain) was selling bottled water that is making people violently ill.

A Facebook post that screencapped negative reviews circulated, and while I can’t find the post now, I did notice that the negative reviews have continued to come in, and no one has taken this toxic water off the shelves because as of just a few days ago, negative reviews are still coming in.

Dozens upon dozens of product reviews explain that Coles’ bottled water smells rancid, and is causing people lethargy, stomach cramps, headaches, even nightmares.

One review even claims that they tested the water, and found it contains E. coli bacteria, PVC plastic particles, fluorine, sodium, and more. The person claims their son went to the hospital with kidney problems and cholera, and that he is filing a lawsuit against Coles. The November review says:

“Bought a 24pack for 6$. Cannot justify how each bottle works out to be 25cents each. How can ‘spring natural water’ be so cheap. After noticing a different taste in the water I didn’t think anything of it. Have been suffering migraines for the past week. My son is in hospital with kidney malfunction and cholera. Have taken the water to be tested at CSRIO contains abnormal amounts of flourine, sodium, pvc plastic particles and ecoli bacteria. I have filed a lawsuit against Coles my son is better but that is not enough for the suffering we have bee through. Once a good product now gone horrible. Please avoid this product. after calling Coles and speaking to the area manager they could not justify how it was natural water with minerals. This is because it states it has minerals yet there is no indication on the packaging of what they are. My best bet is that it is tap water that is tainted with crap.”

Cancer patients reportedly drinking the water have commented that it severely affected them. One alleged cancer patient said:

“I bought this water from Coles and have been so very sick with headaches and stomach pain. Not happy . I’ve just had chemotherapy treatment and this has made me so sick.”

For 3 to 4 months, one commenter explained they suffered headaches and nausea due to the water. They had blood tests, MRI brain scans, and nothing could be found: could this contaminated water have been on shelves for months? The commenter said:

“I have been drinking this water for years we buy a slab a week. The past 3 to 4 months I have been suffering severe headaches and nausea. I have had blood tests, MRI scans on my brain and neurologist appointments. Nothing can be found… but reading these reviews I think I have found the actual cause. And the taste of the water has definitely changed for the worse. This product should not be on shelves.”

At this link, or in the screencaps below, you can find dozens upon dozens of horror stories from contaminated Coles water. Is this even off the shelves yet? Please share this with as many people as possible.



(Image credit: Product Review, NY Times)