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The End of Beer as We Know It: Scientists Are Creating Fake GMO Beer That Doesn’t Need Hops

By On June 7, 2018

The genetically modified food industry has managed to sneak its lab created products into everything from packaged foods to clothing and even the fuel we put in our cars, but if we allow Bayer and the former Monsanto’s GMO experiment to continue, there’s no telling just how far they’ll go.

We are not just talking about the alteration of a few genes here and there — we’re talking about the complete and virtually untested, wholesale change of just about everything we eat and drink, starting with the potential for GMO strawberries and wheat with Monsanto’s newly announced $125 million deal.

As usual, no long term testing nor labeling will be required. And now, the world’s GMO scientists have a new target in their scope: the beer industry.

GMO Beer That Doesn’t Need Hops Could Be Next

Genetically engineered yeast is already used in the most popular vegan burger on the market, and it could be used to create fake beer without hops in the coming future, according to a new report from the website

The yeast is said to pose “significant environmental concerns,” although it likely won’t be consumed in large quantities because it is typically removed before the bottling process.

This type of yeast is being experimented with by genetic engineers in California, who are hoping to remove the use of hops from the beer-making process entirely.

While hops have a number of unique health benefits including being beneficial for people with arthritis, insomnia, diabetes and more, the new GMO brewing process would instead allow for the insertion of a few extra genes in order to create a novel drink with a “beer-like flavor and alcohol.”

Don’t Drink It,” Non-GMO Website Warns Consumers

If you haven’t read the website by now, you’re missing out, as they present the important scientific controversies and knowledge about GMOs in a way that is easy to understand and highly useful to the reader (read the full article here).

In case you’re wondering about their take on this potential forthcoming GMO beer, it goes without saying that they are not exactly a fan of it.

The new GMO yeast will be easy to sell to industrial brewers, they say, because it’s cheap and can convert otherwise bland beers into craft beers to help capitalize on the growing trend.

But any beers created using GMO yeast will could have serious environmental and potentially health consequences, the website warns, which is why it is so important to stay on top of this developing trend and to root out and expose any beer companies that dare use the GMO ingredients so consumers can know (since they won’t be labeled).

“We’re talking about a GM micro-fungus related to lot of diseases, with a very out-of-control disturbed physiology. It will be consumed in large volumes. It will be discarded into the environment in large quantities,” the report concludes. “It could spread itself about inside and outside you with the ease typical of all yeasts. And no one’s got any notion of safety-testing it. Don’t drink it.”

For more information, check out the full article here, and be sure to share this information with any of the beer drinkers out there in your life.