The End Goal of “Sustainability” is Technocracy: Total Centralization of Everything

By On November 13, 2017

It’s easy to hear a story about some country apparently taking steps to be more environmentally friendly, and take it at face value. The truth is unfortunately more complicated.

Governments fool people with obscene ease, and claim their programs are to protect the environment, while they actually are putting us on a path to centralize everything: a path to, for example, driver-less cars permitted to move only by the will of the state.

On other continents, bushmen and native people have their land stolen to create “nature reserves,” that are controlled by the wealthy people who control elite organizations claiming to defend the environment.

We’re being led to a future where “smart devices” will report data about our energy usage to a central authority every day (while blasting us with harmful radiation, starting with those smart meters).

The powers that be are putting a lot of stock in using the environmentally-friendly card to push the most central, critical issue in the way of human freedom: the push toward technocracy, a future where everything is monitored and surveilled, and all energy usage is centrally controlled as an excuse to control the rest of our lives.

This complex agenda was outlined in a new documentary, titled “Why Big Oil Conquered the World,” part two in a series.

A long time ago, the oligarchs realized that one of the best ways to disguise their efforts to micromanage and control people’s lives, is to disguise their actions as necessary for protecting the environment.

The very deepest roots of today’s entities that claim to help the environment (World Wildlife Fund, International Institute for Sustainable Development, etc) are from the oil barons themselves. If you look at the history of all the big “environmentalist” entities, they are the system.

One perfect example of an “oiligarch” who claimed to be an environmentalist to advance his agenda and the agenda of his counterparts, can be found in a man named Maurice Strong.

Reading from the transcript of the documentary “Why Big Oil Conquered the World”:

“On paper, it would be almost impossible to find a less likely candidate for “Godfather” of the modern environmental movement than Maurice Strong. A junior high school dropout from a poor family in rural Manitoba struck hard by the great depression, Strong’s meteoric rise to the heights of wealth and political influence is itself remarkable.

The sheer number of environmental organizations that he founded, conferences he chaired, campaigns he directed and accolades he received over the course of his career is even more remarkable: Organizer of the Stockholm Environmental Conference, founding director of the United Nations Environment Program, Secretary General of the Rio Earth Summit, founder of the Earth Council and the Earth Charter movement, chair of the World Resources Institute, commissioner of the World Commission on Environment and Development, and board member of a bewildering array of organizations, from the International Institute for Sustainable Development to the Stockholm Environment Institute to the African-American Institute.

But perhaps the most remarkable thing about Strong, this ubiquitous figure of the 20th century environmental movement, was his background: a Rockefeller-connected millionaire from the Alberta oil patch who divided his time between environmental campaigning and running major oil companies.”

As the Maurice Strong influenced 4th World Wilderness Congress had been useful to the clique of power players Maurice represented, it set the stage for the Earth Summit in Rio.

At the Rio Summit, Edmond de Rothschild was granted his “World Conservation Bank,” which was dubbed the “Global Environment Facility.”

It essentially has a role as the funding mechanism for 5 different United Nations entities, providing billions of dollars to “environmental and development projects” around the world. If one researches these efforts, they will quickly realize they do the dead opposite of what they are alleged to do.

The World Conservation Bank was further explained in the documentary:

“Its 18 “implementing partners” include the Rockefeller-funded Food and Agricultural Organization, the Huxley-founded International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the Maurice Strong-created United Nations Environment Programme, and the Prince Bernhard/Prince Philip/Godfrey Rockefeller-founded World Wildlife Fund.”

Here’s a scam the entity participates in: “debt-for-nature swaps,” in which third world countries in desperate need are given “debt relief” in exchange for giving up their land, for “environmental development projects.” It’s basically like stealing their land when they are backed into a corner.

The local tribes and bushmen who are unfortunate enough to have no choice but to comply with the land acquisition disguised as conservation efforts, might end up like say, the aborigines people of Palawan island.

Contractors who manage and direct the investments are other beneficiaries, who receive 5% of transaction costs, while the native people receive nearly nothing.

While the general public blindly accepts that these entities are doing good, the above info is what a proper investigation looks like: that’s how they behave behind the scenes.

Continuing from the documentary transcript:

“The Earth Summit also gave rise to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the body to which the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change delivers its reports. Generally thought to be neutral, non-governmental bodies relying only on science and evidence, the UNFCCC and the IPCC are handcuffed by the terms that Strong set out for them to deliver only one conclusion: that humanity is to blame for climate change.”

And what is climate change a justification for? Geoengineering, of course: as we have covered before, the theory of man-made climate change is used as an excuse to openly wage weather warfare, and spray the skies with aluminum, barium, strontium, and other materials (regardless of whether or not climate change is real).

Reading from a past Mind Unleashed article titled “Skies to be Openly Sprayed With Toxic Metals this Weekend, Blocking the Sunlight”:

“Barium, strontium, and cupric-oxide are being sprayed off the coast of Maryland out of a sounding rocket being launched from Virginia. NASA claims they are doing tests with the ionosphere, disregarding the concepts of ionospheric heating or geoengineering, as if we don’t know what they are doing.

This pattern of metals precisely mirrors geoengineering patents, and rain tests conducted in areas that have seen heavy chemtrail spraying. This is the exact signature set of metals found in rain and soil samples where chemtrails have been sprayed, minus the central component aluminum oxide.

This comes after a United Nations “geoengineering governance initiative” was launched, and the Carnegie Council announced the launch of a “Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative.” This comes after CIA director John Brennan proposed they spray the skies and do “solar radiation management” (SRM) to fight climate change in 2016.

Some powerful forces are pushing very hard for the ability to spray the skies with aluminum, to modify the weather and set a precedent where they can spray anything on us.

This precedent where we can’t identify what is sprayed on us could usher in a new era of chemical or biowarfare against citizens.

As victims of the US’ long history with experimenting on citizens can attest to, this is a serious possibility. Just research the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments, the spraying of San Fransisco in Operation Sea Spray, ect.

The forces pushing for spraying are not a mystery, and they’ve been at work on geoengineering for decades.

They are found at military industrial complex affiliated institutions such as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Harvard, MITRE Corporation, Raytheon, and others. If you want to know what “the system” is, it’s MIT. They are an academic limb of the military industrial complex.

Half a century of progress toward modifying the weather for military purposes (and to create a global warming false alarm to justify it) coming out of MIT and similiar entities was well documented in Peter A. Kirby’s book “Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project.” Or, you could read his even more recent article on the topic. Or, you could listen to an interview with Peter Kirby about all of this.

However, the truth is geoengineering is obviously already happening in the US and around the world: just look up at the sky. Those giant high altitude “chemtrails” that turn into haze in the sky and persist all day are active geoengineering efforts before they disclose it and take it to an even further level.

So what these people are really trying to do, is normalize geoengineering in the public’s perception.

David Keith is a pawn putting on a show of “experiments” for geoengineering, experiments that seem fairly redundant if you know how far the technology of geoengineering has been developed. Then they can say “we tested it and it’s safe,” and they will spray us much worse than they already are.”

In conclusion, just don’t trust the people with money. They lie about every single thing having to do with cleaning up the environment: don’t trust the governments, or the giant “environmentalist” institutions. Don’t trust the UN, and don’t trust the propaganda they push out through the mainstream media.

If you want to really make a difference in saving the environment, do something with your bare hands: plant some trees, clean some things, do what really makes a difference with your own work.

A man in India planted an entire forest over the course of several decades to prevent soil erosion: that’s just one man, and one story out of many similiar ones. Individual people working hard to help the environment can make a difference, and these giant institutions are lying.

A dangerous agenda to centralize everything and micromanage the use of all power is well underway.


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