Tamiflu Exposed: The Truth About Why People are Dying from the Flu

By On February 14, 2018

Lately, a lot of headlines have been made about people dying after getting what they call the flu. However in many of these reports, it is also noted that the victim had taken the drug Tamiflu, or had a flu shot shortly before getting sick.

It has been known for at least 10 years in the community of people who care about this type of thing that Tamiflu is a concoction of dangerous chemicals.

One important detail about it is like some vaccines, it contains an agent that allows chemicals to cross the blood brain barrier… which they shouldn’t. The blood brain barrier is a very important thing, there for a reason. In most vaccines, agents such as Sorbitol or Polysorbate-80 can be found.

These chemicals, carcinogenic on their own, open up the blood brain barrier and are thought to be a major factor in vaccine injury because when you are injected with a BBB opening agent and toxic chemicals such as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, or an allegedly killed virus at the same time, you’re inviting a storm of damage directly to your brain.

Tamiflu contains Sorbitol. For what reason? That might take a little more research to figure out, but if you look into it, it’s frankly probably a bullsh*t reason.

With much love and respect to the people who have been harmed by Tamiflu and other products that one would be well advised to stay away from, here is a summary of a recent tragedy. With a little more research, one could find several similar, recent stories.

On social media, somebody pointed out that an extremely misleading USA Today article reported on the death of a woman from the flu.

It says her husband picked up the Tamiflu on a Thursday and then she was rushed to the hospital on Friday, Feb 2. Did he…

Posted by Britney Valas on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

However, the article audaciously claims that she died because she couldn’t afford Tamiflu, turning the tragedy into some kind of half cocked propaganda piece about how people cannot afford medicine.. the thing is, this is not medicine.

A second grade teacher named Heather Holland, 38, was initially given a prescription for Tamiflu but her husband ended up not picking it up because of the expensive $116 copay. Hoffman La-Roche is certainly turning a profit.

However, he ended up getting it for her on Thursday, February 1st. On Friday the 2nd, the woman became septic shortly after being rushed to the emergency room.

One can quite safely assume that she ingested the Tamiflu shortly after picking it up on Thursday. However, the USA Today piece phrased it in a way that is very misleading, choosing to say “Thursday” and then “February 2,” instead of simply saying that she went to the hospital the day after she got the drug. According to their article:

“She thought it cost too much, so she didn’t get it,” said Frank. “I ended up getting it for her Thursday.”

Frank told WFAA last Monday that his wife became septic after being rushed to the emergency room on Feb. 2. Dialysis treatment didn’t work.

“I was with her for more than half of my life,” Frank said in a brief interview.”

So what might cross the blood brain barrier when you take Tamiflu, which contains Sorbitol?

If you got a flu shot recently, you might have mercury or other toxins still in the body, in a position to cross the blood brain barrier. You could end up with a double dose of BBB opening agents and you could be hit with mercury in places you don’t need.

However Tamiflu seems to come with a danger similar to anti-depressants as well, linked to a lot of strange “side” effects, some of which are even psychological.

As far back as 2008, it was reported that Tamiflu is associated with physical symptoms such as convulsions, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, ect.

However, the psychological effects of the drug are scary. They include delirium and delusions, abnormal behavior, and even hallucinations.

This is Tamiflu’s warning label.

You would have to be insane to expose your child or self to this toxic scam called Tamiflu:…

Posted by on Thursday, February 8, 2018

According to a Natural News article from 2008:

Doyle warns that the reactions possibly linked to the drug warrant caution and she suggests that anyone who has reacted to Tamiflu in the past discontinue use and consult a medical professional. She adds that the medicines chlorpropamide, methotrexate and phenylbutazone may adversely react with Tamiflu.

“This list of ingredients is downright amazing,” said Mike Adams, author of “How to Beat the Bird Flu.” “It contains an antifreeze used to winterize RVs, a chemical sweetener known to promote cancer, and a chemical preservative also known to promote cancer. Is it any wonder this drug, with all its chemical interactions, causes some people to go crazy and leap from tall buildings?”

Re: Tamiflu“CONCLUSIONS: These data suggest Tamiflu use could induce sudden deterioration leading to death especially…

Posted by Marcella Piper-Terry on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

This year, the “flu” is killing a lot of people. Some people may in fact be dying from nothing but the flu, but the people who know about vaccine injury can put two and two together. A lot of people are getting flu shots and taking Tamiflu.

Heartbreaking stories such as this are circulating:

These last few days have been a blur. This little man has been put through ringer…but tonight he is finally resting….

Posted by Abby Kay Burns-Amesbury on Thursday, February 1, 2018


Yet Facebook is even censoring posts pertaining to the harmful effects of Tamiflu.

At 19:27 into this video, info about Tamiflu is presented. Studies on Tamiflu’s safety admit that 51 percent of children given the drug will without a doubt have an adverse reaction.

An updated Cochrane Review stated that Tamiflu was initially thought to help, but in fact it is not proven to reduce serious complications from influenza, but it seems to lead to harmful effects that were predictably absent from the original publications.

The propaganda is strong this year as well. If you go to a Wal-Mart parking lot for instance, you might see a dozen little plastic signs stuck in the ground warning people to get a flu shot: that’s what I saw. Sanofi is turning a huge profit selling flu shots this year as in places such as Texas, 2,300 flu related deaths have been reported this season.

We would be wise to remember these details and document them, so we can tell our children about what happened in the 2010’s decade.

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