Study Claims the Flu Causes Heart Attacks: Actually, Mercury Does

By On January 26, 2018

Mainstream media is reporting on Canadian research that claims the flu can actually cause heart attacks. Basically every mainstream outlet one can think of is picking up the story, probably because individuals within the hierarchy of each media organization is being paid or instructed to prioritize this study first, by the type of people who control virtually all the mainstream media.

They say this year’s flu season is particularly bad. An article from Quartz notes that vaccines are “less effective than usual, and the strains seem particularly virulent,” but in my opinion vaccines never really work and for some reason this year people took notice of it more than usual, as it was admittedly only 10 percent effective.

While the people who lean too far on the spectrum toward skepticism/scientism always talk about correlation and causation, this scientific authority’s study epitomizes that.

A study from a government funded academic institution called the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) in Ontario, Canada claims that people admitted to the hospital for the flu were proven to have a greater number of heart attacks before or after their admission to the hospital.

Published in the New England Journal of Medicine, they looked at data from hospitals and facilities in Ontario over the course of 5 years, between 2009 and 2014. They claim 19,729 cases of people over the age of 35 having the flu were confirmed. Then they cross referenced hospital discharge records to see who had been hospitalized for heart attacks in the area.

332 patients who went to the hospital for heart attacks had also gotten the flu, within the year they had the flu.

According to Quartz:

“Scientists wanted to compare the rates of heart attacks within a week of getting a flu diagnosis to the control rate of heart attacks within a nearly two-year period. There were 20 instances of heart attacks in the seven-day period after a confirmed case of the flu. The other 344 heart attacks occurred at a rate of roughly 3.3 per week. This led researchers to the conclusion that a flu diagnosis increased the risk of having a heart attack by a factor of six.”

So what’s the first thought for a person who is aware of vaccine injury and the content of vaccines? Maybe it’s that the flu shot could be a bigger culprit for causing heart attacks than the flu itself.

Mercury causes heart attacks, and mercury is in the flu shot in most countries: period. Sanofi’s flu shot still has thimerosal.

You can take it from academic papers and scientific studies, or the mainstream reports on those publications. One article from Science Daily is titled “Mercury Ups Heart Disease Risk.”

An article from Newsmax is titled “Mercury Contributes to Heart Failure.”

Could something in flu shots possibly be causing the link to heart attacks cited by this study?

We know that flu shots seem to cause the flu, as myself and several people I know have experienced: we got the flu shot, and a week or two later, the worst flu of our lives. It’s a common story.


So the Quartz article continues:

“However, these statistics don’t likely apply to everyone. The flu tends to make people who are 65 or older sicker. Additionally, about a fifth (pdf) of men between 60 and 79 suffer from heart attacks, and after age 80 more than 30% of men do (the stats for women in the same age groups are roughly 10% lower).

It’s definitely possible to have a heart attack at a younger age, but less than a percent of the population has a heart attack before 40, and only about 6% of men and 5% of women do before 60.

The median age of patients who had heart attacks in this study was 77—well within a group already at elevated risk for heart attack and severe flu symptoms.”

Completely fabricated news articles citing non-existent CDC officials are circulating right now, like this one, claiming they admitted the flu shot causes the flu.

But that looks like straight up coordinated disinformation, as Your News Wire always is: straight up disinformation to discredit actual truth.

All evidence suggests the flu shot does cause the flu: why do people think the vaccinated got such severe cases of the flu recently and for the past several years, sometimes even dying from “the flu?”

Thimerosal does not just magically clear itself out of the body as officials claim, and micrograms of mercury are enough to permanently damage a person’s health unless they take extreme, sometimes very painful methods to chelate the mercury out of their bodies with methods such as the now deceased Dr. Andy Cutler’s protocol. Forums online discuss the difficulties of chelating mercury out of the body.

An H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine given in Canada was admitted to contain about 10 times the regular amount of thimerosal put in for instance, Sanofi flu shots. What is that, like 250 micrograms of mercury? That is extreme.

So before the mainstream media makes this an oft-cited talking point, trying to sell people on flu shots: mercury in flu shots is linked to heart attacks, and all kinds of heart problems.

The flu shot is strongly linked to people getting the worst flu of their lives right after they get the shot: it’s probably best understood through firsthand experience.

People may cite this article when they start trying to say the flu causes heart attacks, as a way to push flu shots.


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