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Sacrificing Children to the State: Senator’s New Bill Raises Serious Ethical Concerns

By On March 16, 2017


As more and more people begin to question the safety of vaccines, vaccine additives, and especially the growing vaccine schedule requirements that many believe have placed countless children at risk, the industry has begun fighting back.

Pharmaceutical companies have continued to ally themselves with politicians, resulting in pending bills that could mandate vaccines in multiple states (see list here) across the country despite their health concerns (over $3 billion paid out in vaccine injuries by the U.S. government since 1986).

The state of California has become one of the biggest political battlegrounds, and now one opposing group is raising questions over proposed amendments to a controversial bill; one opponents say gives too much control over children’s health to the state, especially in California where mandatory vaccination has already become the law of the land.

New Bill Gives More Control of Children’s Health to the State

The bill in question, SB-18, states that its intent is to “to establish a comprehensive framework that governs the rights of all children and youth in California, outlines the research-based essential needs of California’s children, and establishes standards relating to the health, safety, well-being, early childhood and educational opportunities, and familial supports necessary for all children to succeed.”

It was proposed by Senator Richard Pan, the man behind the SB277 mandatory vaccination law in California, and critics say it represents the next step in giving over control of children’s health to the state with the additional effect of boosting the pharmaceutical industry’s control and influence.

Pan took office in 2014 after receiving nearly $100,000 in donations from pharmaceutical makers. Many believe this influx of cash has caused him to craft pro-pharma legislation that oversteps personal boundaries to the detriment of health freedom.

Recently, the Parents United 4 Kids (on Facebook here) obtained copies of proposed amendments to the new SB-18 bill, and voiced concerns with it, saying in a Facebook post that the bill “essentially takes every aspect of how we raise our children and puts it under scrutiny by the state.”

Here are a few of the more vague, potentially overarching, and questionable passages of Pan’s SB-18:

– The presence of the following passage, which states that a child has “the right to remain with a parent, legal guardian, or caregiver, except when authorities determine separation is in the best interest of the child” 

-The right to be “reunited” with parents or guardian(s) is included in the text of the amendments — of course the question is whether the state deserves this right in the first place

– “The right to have parents, elected officials and other adults consider the effect that decision-making will have on a child’s care and community” — could this include decisions based on vaccination status?

-The bill utilizes the term “science-based research” among other vague wordings; opponents worry this approach is code language for pharmaceutical industry-friendly or funded, biased “research” that may lead to over-medicating or vaccinating

-The proposed bill also would guarantee the “right to access appropriate screening services,” that are “necessary to identify any potential medical problems early which are provided at intervals which meet reasonable standards of medical and dental practice,” “as determined by the State after consultation with recognized medical and dental organizations involved in child healthcare…”

In other words, the bill is filled with a vague collection of new clauses that critics say may give more control of medical procedures and processes to the government. Considering the invasion of health privacy and personal freedom that began with SB277 and mandatory vaccinations, it’s more than fair to wonder exactly what officials are planning with such a broadly-worded and overreaching proposed bill.

To see copies of the amendment drafts, you can visit the Parents United 4 Kids page by clicking here. The group was introduced on the Senate floor on March 13 by Senator Joel Anderson and will continue to track future developments.

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