Robert De Niro Defends Controversial Autism Film: ‘Let’s Find Out The Truth’

By On April 13, 2016

Robert De Niro was a little more Goodfella than the Today anchors were anticipating this morning on the popular morning show.

What began as a discussion about the Tribeca Film Festival’s 15th year anniversary with co-founders Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal turned quickly into a heated monologue by the famous actor in defense of the controversial documentary, VAXXED: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe.

De Niro, who is the father of a black, autistic son, took the opportunity in the national spotlight to declare that this is a documentary “that people should see”. He also went on to question vaccine safety statistics and touched on the fact that the accusations against Dr. Andrew Wakefield aren’t what they seem.

“There is a lot of information about things that are happening with the CDC, pharmaceutical companies-there’s a lot of things that aren’t said. I, as a parent of a child who has autism, I’m concerned and I want to know the truth. And I’m not anti-vaccines. I want safe vaccines,” Robert De Niro, April 13, 2016

De Niro makes many outstanding points and asks important questions throughout the interview, including what so many of us in the safe vaccine movement are demanding to know: If the science is sound, why aren’t we having an open discussion? As De Niro questions passionately, “Why shut it down?”

The famous actor also calls out the media’s deafening silence to the highly controversial film, which proves a well-respected senior research team destroyed damaging evidence of a link between the MMR vaccine and the development of autism. “And you guys are the ones who should be be investigating. Do the investigating,” De Niro states to the Today anchors.

The mainstream media has shown zero journalistic integrity as far as investigating the facts that comprise the film VAXXED. Why isn’t it headlines news that CDC senior scientist-turned-whistleblower Dr. William Thompson handed over evidence to Congressman Bill Posey proving that he, Dr. Frank DeStephano, Dr. Coleen Boyle, and Dr. Julie Gerberding were a part of a team that literally threw away the futures of hundreds of thousands children? These respected scientists decided that the pharmaceutical industry’s profit margin was more important than the lives of innocent children, so they callously destroyed the damaging evidence in a trash can.

Realizing De Niro might be making sense with their viewers, the female anchor tries to appease the network’s corporate sponsorship with a dig at Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s credibility, but barely gets to finish her fairy tale when De Niro cuts her off saying, “even him, I’m not so sure about”, alluding to the fact that, when one really does some independent research, it is impossible to not see Big Pharma’s malicious attack on the heroic doctor. The mainstream media and the pharmaceutical industry have used unfounded and outright lies to try to destroy Dr. Wakefield, claiming he is anti-vaccination. Odd, since he mentions numerous times in VAXXED that he supports single dose vaccines as opposed to the triple dose cocktail that is currently administered.

Single dose vaccines, you say? But that would cripple Big Pharma’s billion dollar vaccine industry. Oh….

“There’s something there people aren’t addressing, and for me to get so upset here today, on the Today show with you guys, means there’s something there. All I wanted was for the movie to be seen.”

Most telling of the actor-turned-advocate when asked if he regretted pulling the film, “Part of me does, part of me says let me let it go for now, and I will deal with it later, in another way.”

In an effort to end the interview, the male anchor attempts to switch gears by pointing out a major Big Pharma talking point: that the scientific consensus confirms no link exists between vaccines and autism. Yet again, De Niro shuts them down saying, “It’s much more complicated than that, there is a link.”

To watch the interview in full, please visit here.

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