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Popular Veterinarian Reprimanded, Stripped of His Practice Over Cautionary Approach to Rabies Vaccine

By On January 25, 2017

In the world of natural health, few topics are more controversial than the ongoing movement for clean vaccines, as well as the scrutiny being placed on massive drug companies and their growing vaccine schedules.

Persistent vaccine questions have reached all the way up to the presidential level as even Donald Trump wants more thorough research on vaccines and potential health problems they may be causing.

Now, the vaccine controversy is making its way into the world of pet health, as one popular veterinarian is under fire for his unique way of administering the rabies vaccine.

Veterinarian Loses Practice in Connecticut Over Half-Doses

According to a report from Dogs Naturally Magazine, Veterinarian Dr. John Robb has lost his personal veterinary practice after the company he purchased it from, the Banfield Pet Hospital, claimed that he was not practicing up to their standards.

At issue was Robb’s decision to only use half-doses of rabies vaccines in his practice for safety reasons, one that he says is perfectly legal in Connecticut, which only officially requires a shot to be given in general.

“Vaccinations are up to the discretion of the veterinarian. It is not required to follow the label direction as long as you have informed consent and discussed it with the owner,” said another veterinarian, Dr. Jean Dodds, to Dogs Naturally.

When the hospital learned of Dr. Robb’s protocol for rabies vaccinations, they sent letters to over 5,000 of his clients asking them to come in and be “revaccinated,” before taking back ownership of his practice. Dr. Robb is also reportedly facing legal action.

In total nearly 1,500 animals have been revaccinated so far.

“As I am directed by my CEO, we are going to do the right thing by our pets and our clients each and every time. We take that responsibility very seriously at Banfield Pet Hospitals. When that is not occurring, we are going to do something about it,” said Vincent Bradley, senior of VP of Banfield.

Once Dr. Robb heard of the dogs being revaccinated (after already having received shots previously), he showed up at the clinic and encouraged dog owners to run a titer (which is a type of testing ensuring that dogs don’t need unnecessary shots; click here for more details).

He was promptly arrested for his actions (for trespassing) and has been banned from his former clinic and the Petsmart that currently holds it. As mentioned by Dogs Naturally, Petsmart owns 5% of Banfield Pet Hospitals.

Dr. Robb now plans to fight back and reclaim his practice, and had strong words for the hospital and their decision.

“Banfield says they treat you like family: since when are you being treated like family when your pets are lined up and injected with toxins,” he said according to Dogs Naturally.

As one of the leading voices for safe vaccinations within the pet community, he has also created a “Code of Ethics” for veterinarians that places pet health over profit, which can be read here.

For more on Dr. Robb’s story, you can check out the full article by clicking here.

Take action to investigate and protect our kids from vaccine-inflicted harm! You can Click here to read and sign a petition to help implement comprehensive reforms of vaccine safety policies.