Poland Calls For Global Day Of Protest Against Mandatory Vaccination

By On May 29, 2017

Poland has issued a global call to action for citizens of the world to protest against mandatory vaccinations this Saturday, June 3rd which is also International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day.

Similar to the United States, Australia, and countries in the E.U., the Poland government maintains questionable and dangerous vaccine standards.

The press release, issued by, lists several examples of Polish vaccine guidelines in an effort to rally people to demand the fundamental right of informed consent be maintained.

1. Poland administers the dangerous oral polio vaccine and will continue to do so until stocks are gone, despite the fact that this vaccine was given an “immediate withdrawal” status.

2. Polish doctors are punished if they try to inform patients on the numerous side effects and adverse reactions of vaccines.

3. Parents are charged with ridiculously expensive penalty fines if they choose to not vaccinate their children. The only vaccine exemption in Poland is death.

4. Poland has the highest child immunization rates in the world, but the lowest rate of doctors who vaccinate themselves for flu.

5. Poland continues to order the use of the risky, whole cell DTP vaccine even though it has been recalled in much of the world.

6. Polish newborns, including premature babies, are injected with a cheap, Korean version of the Hepatitis B vaccine that is used nowhere else in Europe. Polish babies are also given a vaccine for tuberculosis that was banned in Germany 18 years ago!

7. The Polish Sanitary Chief Officer is on record rapping a song mocking vaccine-injured children who were hurt as a result of the government’s negligence.

8. In Poland, it is illegal to issue a petition to change any of the above standards. Citizens who seek to change vaccination laws are sent to jail.

Join the protest! It’s time for a global uprising against the pharmaceutical industry that is aided and abetted by our elected officials. We cannot allow draconian laws to exist that annihilate our right to choose against poison. Vaccines are injuring and killing our children and parents must fight back.

Education is key in this battle and something as simple as printing flyers and visiting your local park to talk to moms and dads in your community helps build the movement to save our kids from the medical mafia. Get out in the streets on Saturday and do your part to raise awareness on the dangerous vaccination schedule! (Free downloadable flyers can be found by clicking here.)

For more information, please send an email to [email protected] You can also help our E.U. friends by signing this petition that demands the protection of informed consent. Add your name now by clicking here.

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