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Plot Twist: Questioning the Possibility of Monsanto Backing GMO Contamination Case

By On March 25, 2015

Last the year case of Australian farmer Steve Marsh received international attention when he decided to sue his neighbor Michael Baxter over the loss of his organic certification.

Marsh’s adversary in court was accused of contaminating more than half of his farm after genetically modified canola was blown onto his fields.

But instead of winning the case and receiving $85,000 in damages, Marsh ended up being ordered to pay court costs of about $804,000. 

Now, Marsh’s childhood friend is being forced to reveal whether or not he was backed by the Monsanto Company or another industry group, according to a report from the site



The inquiry was made on Wednesday by the Court of Appeal after it was announced that they would unanimously allow Marsh to challenge the costs order. Baxter will now be forced to reveal any financial arrangements he may have had between himself and Monsanto as well as the Pastoralists and Graziers Association; the question is whether or not he may have enjoyed financial rewards had either entity helped him to pay his legal bills.

Baxter said that documents would be provided and he has also denied receiving outside funding.

When asked whether Monsanto had contributed he did not answer due to confidentiality reasons but said the information would be provided in the court document.

Marsh also earlier this week appealed the dismissal of his compensation case, using the argument that Baxter irresponsibly harvested his crops leading to the contamination problem. He is alleged to have used the swathing method, which allowed loose canola to lie on the ground and blow onto Marsh’s property.

Marsh said he was relieved by Wednesday’s outcome and does not seek damages any longer.

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