Petition Launched Against Doctor Who Claimed Infants Can Handle “10,000 Vaccines at One Time”

By On May 9, 2016


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The “green our vaccines” and pro-choice movements have been under fire from mainstream media and mainstream doctors, but thanks to the controversy surrounding the new documentary Vaxxed, have also been steadily gaining steam.

Vaxxed producer Del Bigtree, as well as actor Robert De Niro of the Tribeca Festival, have both been instrumental in leading the charge, and now Bigtree is calling out a popular vaccine advocate for a rather interesting statement he made recently.

Dr. Paul Offit, who developed a rotavirus vaccine and is often quoted in big media outlets on stories relating to vaccine choice, had the following to say according to this post from

Dr. Paul Offit, MD writes about vaccine safety, “each infant would have the theoretical capacity to respond to about 10 000 vaccines at any one time (obtained by dividing 107 B cells per mL by 103 epitopes per vaccine).” i.e. that an infant can respond to the challenge posed by the antigens in 10,000 vaccines.” 

If an infant can respond to 10,000 vaccines at one time, certainly Dr. Offit, in his supreme confidence of the safety and efficacy of modern vaccines and the CDC’s Vaccine schedule, would have no reservation about taking 10,000 vaccines himself at one time.”

Bigtree signed the petition on the page and offered up the following caption on his Facebook page: “Paul Offit has a disease only 10,000 vaccines could cure…”

Of course the biggest issue most advocates want to know about is whether the vaccine additives are safe or not, especially when given in several cumulative doses throughout a young child’s life.

The petition against Offit’s comments is asking that the doctor back up his bravado by actually taking 10,000 vaccines at one time in order to prove their safety (this challenge is actually quite similar to what happened to a pro-Monsanto lobbyist who boasted he could drink a whole quart of glyphosate and then backed off when he was challenged to do so).

The petition, which can be read and signed here, needs more signatures to reach its goal of 5,000.

It continues:

We petition Dr. Paul Offit, MD of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to demonstrate his theoretical proclamation that a human being could take 10,000 vaccines at one time by, in fact,  taking 10,000 vaccines at one time.

Should Dr. Paul Offit, MD have reservations about such an action, we petition a smaller dose of 1,000 Vaccines at one time.  Vaccines should be chosen from the CDC’s recommended (in some states, mandated) vaccination schedule.  Surely, Dr. Offit would have no reservation about receiving 1/10 the theoretical capacity of a human being 1/20th his own weight and size.

What do you think, will Dr. Offit respond? And is this just another example of the hubris surrounding doctors who aren’t heeding our legitimate concerns for safe vaccines? Let us know on Facebook by clicking here.