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PA Senator Lashes Out Against Mandatory Vaccines, Plans New Bill to Repeal 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act

By On February 5, 2018

One of the most difficult messages to get across to Congresspeople and other politicians is the need for better regulation of the pharmaceutical industry, especially considering the vast amount of lobbying donations these leaders are swimming in.

The pharmaceutical industry spends far more than any other industry on lobbying, and they also control most of the airwaves because of the enormous amount of money they spend on television ads.

But not all of our political leaders are taking the Big Pharma assault sitting down, and Pennsylvania Senator Mike Folmer is definitely one of them, as evidenced by two powerful pieces of legislation he plans to introduce in order to help rein in one of the country’s most out-of-control industries.

Informed Consent,” National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act Bill Plans Announced

As noted in a post on his website, Senator Folmer, who hails from the 48th District of Pennsylvania (Lebanon, Dauphin and York Counties) plans to introduce legislation that could change the way the vaccine industry does business as we know it.

The first of the two planned pieces of legislation revolves around “Informed Consent,” a bill which Folmer plans to introduce in order to require that patients and parents are given enough information before they consent to vaccinations.

“Consistent with my successful medical cannabis initiative, I believe all medical decisions should be between a patient and their physician – including the right to informed consent or informed refusal in the use of vaccines,” he wrote in the post, dated January 3, while also saying that “sticking needles into a human body is the very definition of intrusive and challenging the right to the government to mandate vaccines.”

His thoughts on the requirements for what Informed Consent should constitute are simple and common-sense based, as written in the post.

“I believe Informed Consent should, at a minimum, mean the person from whom consent is being sought be given the opportunity to understand what they are being given, what the risks and benefits are, and other potential consequences of the procedure they are facing,” Folmer said.

Folmer is also taking aim at perhaps an even more controversial government edict, the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which prevents the many thousands of people who are harmed, sometimes seriously, from suing the companies they believe to be responsible.

Instead, a taxpayer-funded “vaccine injury court” has been created that shields the drug makers from responsibility. The entity has paid out over $3.7 billion since the act was announced, and many cases of serious harm have been reported over the years.

“This federal law prevents those harmed by a vaccine from suing pharmaceutical companies making these products,” Folmer said. “I believe this Act violates patient’s rights by limiting options to refuse vaccinations or seek due process of law as guaranteed by the 5th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

For more information on Folmer’s potential ground-breaking new bills, check out the full post by clicking on this link.

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