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“Our Senate and Congress Are Guilty of Hiding GMOs:” 4 Things Every American Must Know

By On July 26, 2016



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the new “GMO Labeling Bill” on President Obama’s desk is yet another dream bill for Monsanto and Big Ag lobbyists, especially considering the circumstances.

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Over 90 percent of Americans want plain English GMO labeling, but the new bill not only doesn’t deliver the one thing Americans want, it actually prevents common sense labels from appearing on U.S. food packages at any time in the foreseeable future.

Recently, activist Zen Honeycutt from the group Moms Across America took to The Huffington Post to cut through the politi-speak and deliver 4 truth bombs every American needs to know about the new GMO labeling bill (you can sign a petition for President Obama to veto it here).

Four Disturbing Truths About the New Labeling Bill

In late June with the bill set to be voted upon, we wrote an article titled ‘Four Deeply Unsettling Things About the “New National GMO Labeling Bill,” which can be read here

In similar fashion, Honeycutt has offered up her own list of things everyone needs to know about the bill, and they are as follows (full Huffington Post article ‘Lies About the GMO Labeling Bill’ here).

1. The so-called labeling bill will NOT require the words GMO, GE, or genetic engineering to be shown anywhere on the package, in stark contrast to the Vermont labeling law passed on July 1.

2. No QR code, website or telephone number based disclosures, which are required, will be enforced by fines of any amount. In other words, Honeycutt notes, these so-called labels are NOT mandatory after all; and a two-year waiting period will allow for even more skirting of the proposed law. 

3. Even Obama’s own FDA has strongly criticized the new “GMO labeling” bill saying it will cause “confusion” for customers (you can read about why in this article from MAM). Now, the petition against it sits at over 100,000 signatures.

Will Obama live up to his original campaign pledge, veto the bill and allow GMO labeling to take root across the country, just as the people have fought for? Or will he give in to the backdoor “compromise” forged by Senators Debbie Stabenow and Pat Roberts?

Learn more about what’s really wrong with the bill (including the fourth major injustice) in the full Huffington Post article from Honeycutt by clicking here.

Honeycutt concludes with the following blast against the Congresspeople who allowed the bill through despite widespread opposition:

The seat belt laws were passed in states first, leading the way for the federal bill to pass which has ended up saving millions of lives,” she says.

Preempting that process sets a dangerous precedence for future state laws and the protection of Americans. Think gun laws, immigration laws, healthcare laws — what will our federal government override that your state has fairly decided upon?

Our Senate and Congress are guilty of hiding GMOs. President Obama must veto S 764. The public deserves the truth.”