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Operation Stand Together: Erin Brockovich, MAM Speakers Demand Justice for Disabled Chemically-Exposed Veterans at May 20 Rally in D.C.

By On May 4, 2017

The worldwide March Against Monsanto is about far more than just food: it extends to all aspects of the Monsanto Company and chemical industries’ crimes against nature and human health.

One of the most egregious examples of Monsanto’s dark legacy of poisoning human beings is its role in the production of Agent Orange, a highly toxic defoliant used during the Vietnam War that has left in its wake countless birth defects among natives, and countless thousands of chronically injured, sick and disabled veterans here in the United States.

While the voices of the non-GMO and organic food movement are increasingly being heard, those of our injured veterans are still oftentimes falling on deaf ears on Capitol Hilll just one of the reasons for the upcoming May 20 Operation Stand Together rally at the National Mall, to be held in concert with the worldwide 2017 March Against Monsanto.

Operation Stand Together Includes MAM Founder, Erin Brockovich & Others

The one-day event, which is scheduled for May 20, 2017 at the National Mall and runs from 12-6 pm (see Facebook event here to RSVP to attend or show your support), aims to provide a voice for United States military veterans and their families while raising awareness about the chronic, life-long illnesses and disabling conditions directly resulting from nuclear, biological, and chemical toxin exposures during their active duty service.

Speakers at the event include famed environmental attorney (and subject of the movie of her same name) Erin Brockovich, March Against Monsanto Founder Tami Canal, Kelly Derricks (AKA Truth Teller) the Vice President of MAM and co-founder of Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance, several former military members and activists who served at toxic sites including Fort McClellan in Alabama and other places, and many others. The full list of speakers can be found by clicking here.

“We must take a stand for those who have stood for us,” said Canal, who is also busy promoting and coordinating the 2017 March Against Monsanto with her team and volunteers, which will be held on the same day worldwide.

“Please support the collective effort to unite our military Veterans from all branches, their families, DoD/Civilian employees, and sympathetic supporters. Operation Stand Together aims to seek legislative reform for chemical exposures, like Agent Orange, which have caused chronic illness, disability, and death for not only our Veterans, but their dependents as well.”

Derricks lost her 37-year-old father Harry C. Mackel, Jr. when she was just 7 years old, due to his exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam.

“My father may not have died in Vietnam but he was certainly issued his death sentence there,” said Derricks, who now struggles with over 40 diseases, most of which are believed to have been caused by her father’s exposure.

For more information you can RSVP to attend the rally on Facebook by clicking here, or check out the Operation Stand Together website by clicking here.