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One of Nation’s Top Organic Chicken Producers Bought Out By Tyson Foods

By On June 11, 2018

The Tyson Foods company has been active in new business ventures to help reduce its environmental impact and to become more natural, but the company still has a long way to go to win over the trust of organic and non-GMO food advocates.

It’s well known that Tyson is one of the biggest supporters of factory farming, industrial agriculture, and even GMO animal feed through its actions, as the company’s chain of suppliers has even been linked to the largest dead zone in the United States (in the Gulf of Mexico).

In additon, the company recently joined Bill Gates and other global leaders by investing in controversial lab grown meat from an Israeli company.

Now Tyson Foods is expanding their portfolio, and it may be good or bad news depending on how you look at it.

Organic Chicken Supplier Bought Out by Tyson Foods

According to this report from The Poultry Site citing Tyson’s website, one of the leading organic suppliers out there is being bought out by Tyson Foods.

The company in question, Tecumseh, LLC, produces everything from the air-chilled organic Smart Chicken brand to Aidell’s line of natural chicken sausages.

It was founded in 1998 and constitutes one of the leading brands of organic chicken, but now it will fall under the umbrella of the largest packaged meat company in the world, one that is heavily invested in GMO foods and lab-created meat.

“Consumers want choices. More and more consumers want options for fresh, organic food that fits their lifestyles,” said Eric Schwartz, chief marketing officer of Poultry for Tyson Foods. “The Smart Chicken brand is a leader in this key organic category, and the category’s growth makes this acquisition a strategic fit for Tyson Foods.”

Tyson Foods said it plans to operate the company as a wholly owwned subsidiary and that it will retained its approximately 600 employees. But now the question is whether or not consumers can still trust that their methods will remain pure.

Techumseh Organic Chicken Purchase the Latest in a Long Line of Organic Buyouts

Despite the growth of the organic movement, including in the chicken industry where growth is four times higher than the conventional chicken sector, the side effect is that many of the world’s top organic food companies are getting bought out.

Another top organic meat producer, Applegate, was bought by the pro-GMO industrial meat company Hormel, for example.

And others have been bought out by pro-GMO forces that have changed the product for their own personal gain, including when Silk was bought out by WhiteWave, a subsidiary of Dean Foods, and changed to likely GMO soybeans in its products before a massive public outcry forced them to change back.

Regardless of which companies you support, it’s important to know exactly who owns them and what opinions of the food system they have.

Because ultimately, the best way to change the system is by voting with our dollars, and it’s the only way to force companies that utilize GMOs and other unnatural techniques to change the ways, as history has shown.

Buy accordingly.