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New Study Confirms: This Chemical Sprayed On Your Food Contributes to Female Infertility

By On July 30, 2018

As Monsanto battles it out in court with literally thousands of people who have claimed that their best-selling herbicide Roundup gave them cancer (including one many named Dewayne Johnson with just months to live), still more research is coming out linking its products to serious health problems.

Monsanto insists its chemicals are safe based on government approvals, but the truth is that they have only been given the greenlight in large part because of collusion with government officials, as recent leaked emails have revealed.

At the same time, we now believe that eating pesticide-soaked food is “normal” while standing by and watching helplessly as chronic health problems seemingly become worse in the United States than any time in recent memory.

The latest study on the effects of glyphosate, the infamous herbicide used in Monsanto products, is just as chilling, and it may have serious harmful effects for the fertility of women.

Malformations Found in Second Generation Lab Animals

Environmentally-relevant doses of a glyphosate-based herbicide during pregnancy has been found to impair female fertility in rats, according to a June 2018 study published in the Archives of Toxicology journal.

The findings also included fetal growth retardation and malformations including abnormally developed limbs in the second-generation offspring of these rats, an article on said.

While the findings are likely to be dismissed by the likes of Monsanto and Bayer, who plan on selling millions of gallons of their toxic herbicides to unsuspecting farmers who don’t realize the harm it may cause, the unfortunate reality is that glyphosate is harming all of us on a day-to-day basis.

Take for example the levels of glyphosate found in everday foods: samples of Cheerios, Oreos, Quaker Oats, and other top-selling products are all contaminated with high levels according to government recommendations, and yet nothing is being done to protect the consumer.

Perhaps this is just part of the reason why so many women are infertile nowadays.

The full article text with more information on the study can be found here.

Modern Agriculture Can No Longer Be Accepted as “Normal”

If you’ve been following along, the amount of harm and ecological damage being done by this one herbicide is starting to become too much for ourselves, and our environment, to bear.

The monarch butterfly population has been “accidentally decimated” by Roundup destroying milkweed and other habits according to Monsanto supporter himself Bill Nye the Science Guy, and it’s clear that neonics and other similar pesticides including Roundup are killing off the bees as well.

There is simply no good reason to continue to use post-World War II era style chemicals on our food when far healthier and just-as-productive methods like biodynamic gardening, permaculture, and true organic food are available (the benefits and drawbacks of hydroponics are still being debated).

It’s a tough pill to swallow for cash strapped families who “can’t afford” organic, but we need your purchasing power now more than ever.

Now is the perfect time to start spending more on organic, even if it means upping your budget by 10 percent, and learning about organic farms and supporting them in their ventures whenever possible.

A better world is at our fingertips, and it all starts with where we choose to spend our money. The clock is ticking, and every purchase counts.

Thank you so much as always for Marching Against Monsanto and Bayer, and voting with your dollars. You support means the world to us, and to everyone who has healed themselves from these deadly chemicals through natural means.