New Report Shows Why the Myth That We Need GMOs to “Feed the World” is Patently False

By On April 1, 2015

The Environmental Working Group is perhaps best known for its ‘Dirty Dozen’ and ‘Clean Fifteen’ lists showing which fruits and vegetables contain the most and the least pesticide residues, but the organization tackled an even bigger task in its latest report.

World hunger has been a pervasive issue seemingly forever, and “feeding the world,” is the oft-repeated mantra of Biotech companies like Monsanto as to why their products are even needed in the first place.

Despite that slick bit of PR-speak, the GMO companies’ assertions have been repeatedly challenged with high levels of success.

For example the United Nations even admitted that small-scale organic farming is the way to “feed the world” in 2013.

Now the EWG has come out with a report showing the failed promises of GMOs. You can download the full PDF by clicking here.

gmos feed the world?

The report says among other things that:

  • GE crops  – primarily corn and soybeans – have not substantially contributed to global food security and are primarily used to feed animals and cars, not people.
  • Studies show that GE crops in the US are not more productive than non-GE crops in western Europe.
  • A recent case study in Africa found that crops that were crossbred for drought tolerance using traditional techniques improved yields 30 percent more than GE varieties.

Click here to visit the EWG’s site and check out the report, and please feel free to share this with your family and friends (and to march with us on May 23!).