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New Report Says Nearly 500,000 Schoolchildren at Risk For Toxic Pesticide Exposure in Iowa

By On July 9, 2018

It’s been accepted among mainstream society that chemicals sprayed on our food are considered to be “conventional,” along with the Monsanto-originated lie that genetically engineered foods created in a laboratory are “functionally equivalent” to their non-GMO counterparts.

But the truth of the matter is that there is nothing normal about what’s going on in America’s heartland, where GMO foods and pesticides reign supreme and hundreds of thousands of kids are now at risk for serious health problems resulting from pesticide exposure.

It goes without saying that this is an issue of national security, and yet people continually choose to look the other way. When will we come to terms with the staggering health impact of using toxic chemicals and poisons to grow our food?

Over 400,000 Children at Risk in Iowa, Report Says

According to a new report out of Iowa, 9 of 10 Iowa public schools are located just 2,000 feet or less from a farm that sprays toxic, synthetic chemicals.

The report was conducted by IowaWatch and Science in the Media through Northern Iowa University, and shared via this article from the website

Iowa is one of the top GMO corn producing states in the union, so much so that President Donald Trump’s official Twitter account once took a swipe at the state saying that “Too much Monsanto in the Corn Creates Issues in the Brain.”

The tweet was blamed on an intern, but the message stuck with many Iowans who realize that things have gotten a little out of hand in terms of the chosen agricultural system that has been adopted.

In this case, those facing exposure from these pesticides are in 1,200 schools that happen to reside near Iowa farmlands where Monsanto chemicals like Roundup and others are used consistently in order to control pests and weeds, many of which have become resistant to the usual concoction of pesticides over the years, necessitating the increased amount of spraying.

Considering that children’s bodies are still developing, this is a monumental threat that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

But once again because this farming system is considered “conventional,” and because companies like Monsanto (now a part of Bayer), Pioneer and others are so firmly entrenched within the state, it doesn’t appear as if anything will change anytime soon.

How Many People (Especially Children) Must Be Sacrificed?

According to a recent UN report which slammed the “dangerous and misleading” myths of the pesticide industry over the need of its products to supposedly “feed the world,” over 200,000 people die from acute pesticide exposure each year.

Pesticides are no laughing matter, they really do kill, and perhaps no more evident is this threat than during the ongoing court battles between Monsanto and people like Dewayne Johnson, a terminally ill groundskeeper suing Monsanto alleging that the weedkiller gave him cancer.

That being said, they are the norm in places like Iowa, and this pattern of destruction will continue until people stand up and demand a better food system.

If you know anyone in Iowa, by all means let them know about this information, and let’s all work to do our best in cleaning up a problem that clearly has gotten out of hand, in more ways than one before it’s too late and even more innocent lives are lost.

You can learn about the report by clicking on this article.