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New Petition Takes Aim At Nestlé Corporation Over GMO Labeling Stance

By On February 21, 2017


The Nestlé corporation has drawn the ire of alternative media and protesters over the years for many reasons, including allegations of child labor on its cacao farming operations and the backlash from comments made by its chairman Peter Brabeck over his controversial views on the privatization of water.

The use of genetically engineered ingredients in its products has also been a sticking point, as the company has spent over a million dollars to oppose mandatory GMO labeling.

Now, the company is being targeted by activists yet again, this time over its own policy on labeling the GMO ingredients in its products, a right afforded to residents of over 60 countries around the world.

Petition Takes Aim at Company’s Lack of GMO Labeling

While several surprising announcements have been made by major food corporations in recent months pledging to label the GMO ingredients in their products volunarily, Nestlé has remained conspicuously absent from the group.

For example Mars, one of the biggest candy companies in the world, has already pledged to label products containing GMOs in plain English, a simple fix to allow consumers to know what they’re eating.

Hershey’s on the other hand has chosen to go a different route, deciding to use QR codes, a complicated, time-consuming, and (according to some critics) discriminatory practice that keeps many consumers in the dark (or at least gives them the constant headache of having to visit multiple websites on their smart phones while shopping).

In order to keep Nestlé honest, the website along with Just Label It has launched a new petition urging the company to follow Mars’ lead by labeling its own products.

Mars has publicly announced plans to use clear, on package labels for GMOs. But what about Nestlé?” the petition reads. “Will they hide behind sham QR codes like Hershey’s – or will they give consumers the right to know what’s in their food?”

Polls have routinely shown over 90 percent of Americans want mandatory labeling.

And yet the first state in which such labeling would have taken effect, Vermont, saw its own labeling bill subverted by millions of dollars in anti-GMO labeling spending, which led to the behind-closed-doors passing of the so-called DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act recently.

As the petition says:

More than 88% of American consumers want to know if their foods contain GMOs. Nestlé should join Mars and other major food companies and commit to supporting consumers by using clear, on package labels for the presence of GMO ingredients. People have a right to know exactly what they’re buying at the grocery store.”

The company is also pro-GMO, using industry talking points about their supposed “sustainable” nature on their website.

To sign the petition or learn more, you can visit the website and sign by clicking here.

Feel free to share and circulate on social media: Nestlé is one of the biggest and most influential food corporations in the world, and the more signatures the better.