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Nestle Strikes Again, Buys Out Organic Superfood Company

By On February 20, 2018

The Nestle company is the largest seller of packaged foods in the world, with a porfolio of popular brands ranging from Pellegrino mineral water to bottled water, candy bars and everything in between.

But Nestle’s success belies the controversy surrounding its Founder and CEO Peter Brabek. Brabek’s controverisal opinions on water rights, as well as Nestle’s penchant for buying up water supplies from local towns and local governments, has made them a strongly disliked if not hated company among clean food and social justice advocates.

In December 2017, Nestle bought out one of the most popular organic supplement brands on the market, Garden of Life. Now, they’ve announced yet another purchase, signaling their continued plans to flex their muscle in the world of natural health.

Nestle Buys Majority Stake in Organic Superfood Company

According to this report from the website CNBC, Nestle announced on Friday that it has purchased a majority stake in the natural and organic plant-based foods company Terrafertil, which it hopes to use it to expand into South America, Britain, the United States and other markets.

The company was founded in Ecuador in 2005 and has since grown throughout South America as well as to the aforementioned regions, selling a wide variety of nutrient dense superfoods.

The flagship superfood sold by the company is the goldenberry, which is a Peruvian superfood that is rich in vitamins A and B as well as fiber and iron, according to the company’s website. It’s also said to have more potassium than three bananas according to the company, and 149% more fiber than prunes.

Nestle did not disclose how much it was paying for the company, but the packaged foods king has spent big as of late as it seeks to cut into the growing natural and organic foods sector.

“We are excited to welcome Terrafertil and its employees to the Nestle family. Its natural, organic and healthy products fully support Nestle’s purpose to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future,” a blog post on Nestle said. “This investment allows us to strengthen our presence in fast-growing categories such as plant-based foods, beverages and healthy snacks, known as ‘superfoods’ due to their high natural nutrient content.”

According to the CNBC article, Nestle spent $2.3 billion on Atrium Innovations, the previous owner of Garden of Life, for its controversial December purchase.

The purchase of Atrium included other supplement companies, but most concerns in the wake of the purchase involve Garden of Life because of its status as one of the most trustworthy natural and organic companies out there, a trust that many have said is gone in scathing social media posts.

The outpouring has continued into 2018 on Garden of Life’s social media.

“Your products were the best, then you sold out to Nestle of all nightmare companies. I will NEVER buy G of L again. EVER” read one comment posted on their Facebook page on February 15.

Others were a little more diplomatic in questioning whether or not Garden of Life will still be a worthy company to buy from or not.

“Can the dilemma of Nestle owning Garden of Life be solved?” asked one commenter, adding that she emailed the company about how upset and disappointed she was by the purchase.

At the end of the day, quality will win out, but considering Nestle’s past transgressions (read more here), it’s easy to see why so many people will choose not to support Nestle regardless of whether they’re selling healthy organic food and supplements or not.