Monsanto’s Flagship Product is Everywhere – And It’s Toxic to the Heart, New Study Says

By On December 10, 2014

For years, the Monsanto Company has insisted that its flagship Roundup herbicide is essentially biodegradable, and safe enough to be sprayed at will on all manner of crops.

Monsanto has even genetically engineered crops to withstand huge doses of Roundup, but what are the effects of this process on our health and the health of the environment?

If one new study is any indication, they could be catastrophic.

According to a new study produced by Steeve Gress (conducted in the lab of Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini), Roundup is toxic to the heart, and it could be the latest strike in a seemingly endless stream of deeply concerning studies surrounding the ubiquitous Monsanto flagship product.



Is Roundup Causing the Deaths of Rabbits, Dogs?

According to the study, which was released in the December issue of Cardiovascular Toxicology, toxic effects were noticed on the hearts of rabbits and rats, with doses that were equivalent to those that would be expected in acute poisoning incidents, the website said.

The hearts were tested “ex vivo” ie removed from the animals and kept alive in a solution.

While glyphosate alone has been found to to be harmful to health in a lot of ways, in this case it had no such effects on the heart, but the Roundup did, adding to the argument that Roudup itself is much more dangerous than previously thought due to the combination of chemical ingredients it contains.

The finds have been theorized by GMWatch to provide a possible explanation for reports of both rabbits and pet owners’ dogs being killed in Roundup-sprayed areas including lawns and fields.

You can learn more about the study by clicking here.

Nick Meyer writes for March Against Monsanto and is the founder of the website AltHealthWORKS, which can be viewed by clicking here.