Monsanto Shill Claims Grocery Shopping Is Torture Because of GMO Labeling

By On June 20, 2017

According to Forbes contributor Kavin Senapathy, grocery shopping is torture because of Non-GMO Project Verified labels.

Yes, you read that right. Kavin, also a contributing writer for the Monsanto-funded Genetic Literacy Project, blames her terrible time at the grocery store on those tiny butterfly labels on a growing number of food items.

Kavin claims that the “meaningless” labels are useless because GMOs are “impossible to define” and for this reason people “do not have the right to know” what is in the food they are buying and feeding to their families.

Kavin and her easily frustrated temperament may not care or have the desire to know what she is eating, but the same can’t be said for millions of people all over the world who do in fact wish to know which foods are franken-lab creations sprayed with cancer-causing weedkiller.

This fact is evident by the overwhelming growth of the anti-GMO movement. Why else are 3,000 different brands seeking non-GMO certification for over 40,000 products? Why else are people shifting to non-GMO options and dumping the junk? Because they don’t want to eat poison.

Kavin’s pro-industry stance should come as no surprise to anyone following her biotech propaganda articles. She writes articles with titles such as “The Anti-Vaccine and Anti-GMO Movements Are Inextricably Linked and Cause Preventable Suffering” and attempts to cast a negative light on anyone speaking up against Monsanto and other industries who pay her bills.

As uncovered by the watchdog group U.S. Right To Know, Monsanto has an entire army of trolls (Kavin included) that spends their days trying to convince the public that Roundup is as safe table salt and that poor Monsanto has become nothing more than a “symbolic scapegoat”.

Monsanto is certainly directing, if not actually writing, Kavin’s hit pieces as it was uncovered in a class action lawsuit in Northern California that the most-hated company in the world has an entire staff of ghost writers commissioned to write dangerously inaccurate propaganda pieces to downplay the very real risks of their products. The campaign called Let Nothing Go also has an online brigade that is paid to stalk anti-GMO sites in an effort to sway public opinion into believing Monsanto is just trying to feed the world and save the planet.

Kavin must feel right at home at Forbes, a publication that notoriously prints attack pieces by unethical individuals against scientists who have the audacity to try to warn the public about the dangers of consuming GMOs or using cancer-causing Roundup.

Nice try, Kavin, but the world is waking up to biotech lies and no amount of pro-industry propaganda will stop the truth from spreading like wildfire.

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