Monsanto & The EPA Conspired For Decades To Conceal Health Risks Of Weedkiller

By On April 2, 2017

In news that shouldn’t surprise anyone, it was revealed that Monsanto and the EPA have colluded for decades to conceal the extreme toxicity of Roundup.

Despite the World Health Organization declaring the key ingredient in Monsanto’s weedkiller (glyphosate) to probably cause cancer in humans, Monsanto continues to try and convince the public that the herbicide is as harmless as table salt.

Last month, Congressman Ted Lieu released a statement encouraging everyone to “immediately stop using Roundup” due to an investigation he and his staff conducted last session. Lieu is also calling for a Department of Justice investigation to examine shocking documents proving federal regulators conspired with Monsanto to hide the health risks of and manipulate the science behind Roundup.

According to this petition, which is also demanding an immediate investigation, the recently leaked documents suggest an unprecedented level of collusion between the EPA and Monsanto to cover up evidence that RoundUp causes cancer.

The petition demands that The Office of Inspector General of the EPA, an independent office tasked with investigating fraud and abuse in the agency, must immediately launch an investigation to hold Monsanto and all EPA employees involved accountable.

The stunning documents also reveal that months before the WHO declared glyphosate a probable human carcinogen, an EPA official tipped off Monsanto in an effort prepare a public relations spin to offset the controversial ruling.

The same official promised Monsanto that he would attempt to beat back an upcoming review of glyphosate by the Department of Health and Human Services, saying “If I can kill this, I should get a medal.” Coincidentally, the review was never completed by HHS.

The unsealed documents also reveal that a Monsanto executive gave his employees permission to “ghostwrite favorable research on glyphosate and later attribute the studies to academics by merely placing their names on the research.”

How much of the cancer epidemic over the last four decades can be attributed to Monsanto and the EPA’s sinister lies? We are far too aware of Monsanto’s deceit, fraud, and fabricated safety assurances, but it is obscene that the EPA has conspired with Monsanto for decades to deceive the public on true carcinogenicity of Roundup.

Roundup has contaminated the food supply, drinking water sources, vaccines that are mandated for children, prenatal vitamins, breast milk, infant formula, and the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies.

It’s time for the the Office of the Inspector General to do its job and immediately conduct an investigation into the collusion between Monsanto and the EPA. Add your name now by clicking here.