Monsanto Likely To Reject Bayer’s Latest Offer

By On July 15, 2016

Bayer has announced that it is upping its offer to purchase biotech titan, Monsanto. Although the $65 million dollar offer reflects an increase of $3 dollars a share to $125/share, analysts say it is likely that Monsanto’s board will reject the deal.

A previous offer of $62 billion was rejected by Monsanto in May, who called the deal “incomplete and financially inadequate” in a press release.

Monsanto has stated they are presenting the new offer to their board but financial watchdogs aren’t convinced the biotech conglomerate is overly excited about the offer.

In a statement, Chris Kapsch, an advisor for BB&T Capital Markets, remarks, “By engaging in conversations with BASF, the message to Bayer is you either have to give us a better price or we may consider doing something else with BASF. I don’t think they believe selling for $125 today is in the best interests of shareholders.”

Kapsch goes on to say that he believes Monsanto wishes to be the “consolidator and not a consolidee.”

Even if Bayer and Monsanto were able to reach a merger agreement, there would still be the issue of required regulatory approvals. Granted, U.S. regulating agencies are substantially useless, but it would still throw a wrench (hopefully) into the monopolizing plans of these corrupt corporations.

Mark Connelly, an analyst at CLSA Americas, agrees that the likelihood of a merger is bleak and said in a statement, “We’re on record saying we don’t think there’s more than a 10 percent chance that these two companies are coming together. We’re in an environment where Washington has been blocking a lot of deals lately.”

But this is Monsanto we are talking about here. They run the government, control our politicians, and manipulate corrupt bills at the expense of public health and the environment. The EPA is completely infiltrated by biotech henchmen who can’t be bothered with the mass poisoning of the food supply, so I’m not sure that there is a deal Monsanto can’t pass if they really want to merge with Bayer.

Only time will tell. Regardless of the merger outcome, we will continue to fight those who are deliberately poisoning our planet and its people. Monsanto can run, but they can’t hide. And when you think about it, Bayer should be on our radar more..along with Syngenta, BASF, Dow and Dupont. The consolidation of our problem with a potential merger is a good thing for this movement.

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