Monsanto Gets Approval for New GMO Cotton, Soybeans That Resist Hazardous Chemical Combo

By On January 17, 2015

The Monsanto company has won U.S. approval for new genetically engineered crops designed to withstand a hazardous chemical cocktail, despite widespread opposition.

The U.S Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) made the announcement on Thursday.

According to this article from RT, Monsanto’s new GMO cotton and soybean plants, which are designed to withstand a potent mix of the chemicals dicamba and glyphosate, have been approved but the EPA has yet to approve the new herbicide itself, which was developed for the crops and is deemed the ‘Roundup Ready Xtend’ crop system.

A new GMO cotton that resists dicamba has been approved.

A new GMO cotton that resists dicamba has been approved.

The system was created to fight the widespread superweeds plaguing the fields of farmers that over-spray Roundup, which have been “Roundup-resistant.”

As RT noted, dicamba has a dubious history:

Dicamba was first approved in 1967 and has been linked to high rates of cancer and birth defects in the families of food growers, according to government and other scientific studies.

The new GMO crops could lead to a “10-fold increase in dicamba use in American agriculture” according to the Center for Food Safety.

For more info on the controversial new crops, check out the RT article here.