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Monsanto, Bayer Plan to Dump New GMOs on Unsuspecting U.S. Customers After Latest EU Ban

By On July 30, 2018

Monsanto and Bayer have been busy in all corners of the globe attempting to spread their genetically modified seeds and pesticides, but one place where they haven’t had much luck is in Europe, where opposition remains firm.

The latest ruling that the newest type of GMOs must be regulated as such means that bans are likely, which of course means that the two companies are searching for a new market in which to dump their latest GMO creations.

All of which of course means that the next target market is the United States, where Monsanto and Bayer plan to unleash their latest lab-spliced food on unsuspecting human guinea pigs yet again.

CRISPR GMO Experiment to Be Dumped Into American Food Supply

Unfortunately for hapless Americans who don’t have access to GMO labels, a storm is brewing: the latest type of GMO will be dumped on unsuspecting Americans under the guise of “substantial equivalence,” the false doctrine crafted by Monsanto-allied lawmakers stating that GMOs and regular crops are the same.

In this case, the new GMOs will be created using “gene editing,” a process that allows scientists to play God with our food in the laboratory.

So far, apples, potatoes and even GMO mushrooms have all been created using this technology and are being unleashed into the food supply even though haven’t been tested for long term safety.

But Americans will be forced to eat them without even knowing it thanks to a lack of GMO labeling.

According to an article from, BASF and Bayer (the new owner of Monsanto), plan to pursue opportunities for the new GMO crops elsewhere after the ruling.

Avoid the New GMO Experiment At All Costs

The new GMO experiment is still in its infant stages, but Monsanto recently signed a new $125 million deal to flood the market with these “long-lasting” GMOs.

Which of course means that our favorite foods could be created by scientists in a laboratory with virtually no oversight, instead of being made the old fashioned way through seed saving and careful planting and breeding.

A recent study found that the CRISPR GMO technique, Monsanto and Bayer’s preferred new method for bringing GMOs to the market, may cause “unexpected genetic damage” and even cancer in some cases, according to its applications in the medical field.

But despite this the government says we don’t need long-term, independent safety testing for this process when it is used in our food. It’s the same reason that over 70% of the grocery store food supply is now tainted with GMOs, while they are banned in approximately 20 countries in Europe and widely rejected throughout much of the world.

Meanwhile, our farmers’ fields are being doused in Roundup, the herbicide that has brought thousands of cancer lawsuits against the Monsanto company, including one from a man who only has months to live and was a former groundskeeper who sprayed the stuff every day.

In any other sane world or culture where people value the integrity of their food, this would sound patently insane. But here in America, it’s just another day and another dollar for Monsanto and Bayer.

Avoid these new “longer-lasting” GMOs at all costs if you don’t want to be a part of the experiment.

Without labeling, it’s easier said than done, but buying organic is the best place to start.