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Meet Alan Phillips, The Only U.S. Attorney Specializing in Vaccine Rights and Exemptions

By On December 11, 2017

While large numbers of vaccines used across the country and a children’s schedule that continues to grow with the passing years, there are plenty of people nationwide taking the time out to step back, reflect, and think about the little known outcomes and consequences that may result from this ever-changing system, especially parents.

One of them is Alan Phillips, J.D., who has taken on the mantle as one of the country’s leading experts in vaccine rights in light of the countless thousands of people wondering about exemptions, as well as the potential side effects that are being caused by today’s shots.

Considering that about $3.6 billion has been paid out to vaccine injury victims since a court ruling made it illegal to sue the drug companies that make them back in 1986; and that mandatory vaccination bills and even laws (in the case of California) are being proposed or passed left and right, Phillips’ work has become highly valuable — and highly unique for matter.

Here’s what you need to know about his work (and your rights as well).

North Carolina Attorney Fights for Vaccine Rights

In 2015 with the state of California announcing a new bill aiming to ban vaccine exemptions, Phillips, a nationally recognized legal expert on vaccine policy and law, was on the front lines fighting for the medical freedom of parents everywhere.

“Given the concerns that I have, one of which is this unknown about serious adverse events, collectively I have a concern that anybody would not have a right to make that decision for themselves and their children,” he said to the LA Times, calling any proposal to eliminate vaccine exemptions “absolutely insane.”

The controversial bill later passed, eliminating all non-medical exemptions in the state.

But despite this and other setbacks, Phillips has continued to educate, and fight for parents’ rights to medically raise their children as they see fit.

He counsels parents across the country on how to exempt their children from vaccine requirements, as noted in a recent article in Raleigh’s The News & Observer in his home state, which said that the number of parents seeking exemptions in North Carolina doubled between the years of 2012 and 2016.

Phillips’ work is especially needed considering the hazy regulations surrounding vaccine choice in today’s day and age.

Phillips’ Practice Focuses Solely on Vaccine Issues

Through his website, Phillips educates parents about several exemption-related topics, noting that they generally fall into three categories: medcial, religious, and personal or philosophical.

The first requires that parents or others seeking an exemption receive a written recommendation from a licensed medical doctor. However, these recommendations are difficult to get, and may still be denied by authorities.

The second is a religious exemption, which is available in most situations where vaccines are required, except in California, Mississippi, and West Virginia.

The third is personal or philosophical, and is available in about 16 states.

Despite the prevalence of these three exemption types, Phillips says on his website that parents can often end up in difficult and costly situations because of the lack of knowledge available on this topic, which is where his services are needed.

While many alternative health and other websites do their best to provide information, they’re no substitute for advice from a knowledgeable attorney.

“Vaccine exemption and waiver law is more complicated than most people realize,” he says on his website. “Many people end up spending a lot of money paying an attorney to try to get them out of a problem that they could have avoided altogether if they had only consulted an attorney ahead of time.”

For more information on vaccine exemptions and Phillips’ work, check out his website by clicking on this link. You can also purchase a comprehensive e-book on vaccine rights by going to his website as well.