MAM Event Announcement – October 2014

By On July 28, 2014

As you all know, there wont be a MAM one day event for October. That is reserved for the anniversary march every May. Last year October had the lowest turnout in each city across the globe, and I’m sure its because 2 one-day events each year, is pushing things a little.

Like last year October, we are working with Dr. Vandana Shiva’s Navdanya network, but unlike last year, there is no one-day event. MAM organizers who want to organize in October as MAM, can do so as part of the “Call To Action for Seed, Food and Earth Democracy”. This event represents a network of global movements, and by cooperating, we are part of the joint action, and not a division doing something on its own, with only a small turnout.

Seed Freedom has extended their “Fortnight of Action” to MAM organizers starting 29 September to include Mexico’s World Day of Corn, in many towns and cities across the country. Many cities have chosen to have events on 11 and 18 October, but you can choose any date between 20 September and 20 October, to eliminate the stress of having to get a permit for a one-day coordinated event for a second time this year.

Activities can include organic and seed markets, a public picnic to spread information, guerrilla gardening, community gardening, the start of cooperative food gardening, a march, etc. You decide, collaborate with other local organizations in the area to not make it a headache, and ensure that it is a lasting and growing impact. You can navigate the Seed Freedom site to get more ideas for the type of event you want, or decide among yourselves locally in your city.

Just as we celebrate goals achieved since the last march in May each year, each October we can celebrate how we brought the practical alternative into effect.

The calendar of events will be hosted here

Event details can be added here

Monsanto Events

More details to come.