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“Making America Toxic Again:” New Report Highlights Extreme Agenda of Trump’s EPA

By On February 28, 2018

Current President Donald Trump entered office with a reputation as being a businessman, but the biggest question on the minds of most in the clean food and green movements was exactly which industries he planned to fight for once elected.

The early predictions were that Trump might have the ability to restore some balance and justice on issues like combating the runaway spread of GMO agriculture and toxic pesticides, along with the vaccine industry, which has followed a similar trajectory in terms of its lack of accountability and penchant for placing profits far higher than safety.

But since then, Trump has mostly disappointed.

While did begin to make process on a “green vaccines” plan by meeting with lawyer and consumer advocate Robert F. Kennedy on making the vaccine schedule safer, he has not followed up.

Recently, he also confirmed the worst fears of many in the movement when he decided to come out publicly in support of the Biotech industry.

And as many in the know have already discovered, one of Trump’s biggest hires has been nothing short of a nightmare for the environmental movement: Scott Pruitt, head of the EPA, has gone to bat for some of the worst polluters and it could set America back for decades to come.

New Article Profiles Misdeeds of Trump’s Main Man

As noted in this new profile story titled ‘Making America Toxic Again’ by the website Mother Jones, Scott Pruitt, the head of the EPA, has spent much of his tenure dismantling the prior administration’s environmental safeguards.

The Clean Power Plan, which imposed limits on greenhouse gas emissions for fossil fuel burning power plants, has been gutted under Pruitt. He has also worked to repeal rules intended to protecting safe drinking water, and has threatened to ease fuel economy standards at a time when critics say America should be switching to renewable energy-powered cars instead.

He’s also paved the way for smog, coal ash, mercury pollution, more toxic chemicals in agriculture, and even cozied up to Dow Chemical in the approval of chlorpyrifos, a pesticide linked to devastating brain injuries in children that has caused widespread harm.

In short, Trump and Pruitt have done next-to-nothing to help save the environment and health at a tenuous time, all in the name of profit and while allowing the vaccine and GMO agriculture industries to maintain their grip on healthcare and farming, respectively.

Will Trump, Pruitt Wise Up Over Time?

The question now is whether or not Trump and Pruitt will continue down this path, or start making moves in order to keep pace with more progressive modern countries.

While other nations invest in solar power and other clean energy technologies, and are banning GMOs and other toxic chemicals left and right (like most of Europe, including Germany which has pledged to phase out Monsanto’s glyphosate), the U.S. seems to be clinging to the past, in order to cash in on what’s left of industries whose days are numbered.

At the end of the day, it’s good news that Trump decided not to ban the EPA in general, as was predicted as a possibility in the past.

But Pruitt and Trump’s actions aren’t doing healthy food and environmental advocates any favors, and this is just the beginning.

While consumers will ultimately be the ones deciding the winner in this high stakes game, politics are not a spectator sport, and it’s important that we all get involved before this gets out of hand, regardless of our political affiliations.

For more info on Pruitt’s love for the chemical and dirty energy industries, check out the full article from Mother Jones by clicking here.

Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr