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Monsanto Scientist of 20 Years Admits the Truth About Glyphosate: “If I Inject It There’s a Hazard”

By On June 5, 2017

The Monsanto Company has done all it possibly can to combat independent science and warnings that the active ingredient in its flagship weedkiller glyphosate can be cancer-causing, including alleged collusion with a former EPA official to “kill” an important safety study.

But questions persist, and for good reason: the real world evidence speaks for itself.

Recently even more red flags have been raised, and this time it’s all because of the comments of a Monsanto toxicologist that have caught many off guard.

If I Inject (Glyphosate) There’s a Hazard”

Recently Monsanto Toxicologist Donna Farmer went on national TV for a debate with Jeffrey Smith, the founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology.

Farmer did her best to defend Roundup and glyphosate on the show but actually ended up making a pretty surprising admission in the process.

“I’ll give you an example of one of the studies,” she said during the debate, which was aired as part of The Doctors, an award-winning TV show. “They actually injected the Round-Up formulation into the abdomen of the animals and they did have an effect. But that’s not a relevant route of exposure for somebody who is going to be spraying that herbicide. So that’s what we look at and the regulatory agencies look at and, like the other bodies at the World Health Organization. IARC only looks and says, “If I inject it there’s a hazard.” So there’s different ways we look at the data.”

Farmer’s admission raises further concerns in a whole new arena: the vaccination of kids and their likely injection with the chemical, which was deemed a probable human carcinogen by a World Health Organization body in spring 2015.

As noted in this blog post from journalist Jeffrey Jaxen, in March 2016 the Moms Across America organization received the results of vaccines that were submitted for testing to Microbe Research Inc. It was found that the soy, corn, sugar and other GMO ingredients in these vaccines were derived from crops or animals fed GMO feed used in the vaccine manufacturing process, therefore it is highly likely that glyphosate is being injected into kids through vaccines a clear hazard according to Farmer, Monsanto’s own toxicologist.

As Jaxen points out, because the mainstream media refuses to explore these topics and connect the dots on instances like these, we’re all being kept in the dark about potential risks to our health.

“The mainstream media was, and still is, silent regarding any reporting whatsoever on the vaccine-contaminated glyphosate findings,” Jaxen writes. “Independent and alternative media sources have championed the story throughout the year effectively keeping it bobbing on the surface. Vaccine contamination does not stop with glyphosate. In the willful absence of oversight and testing, independent labs are stepping up and publishing very concerning findings that are being ignored by the medical community and government.”

For more on Jaxen’s perspective, including information about how you can help spread the word about these and other concerns, check out the full post by clicking here.

Watch the video of The Doctors below as well.