Science Blogs Used as “Evidence” To Dismiss Deadly Risks Of HPV Vaccine

By On January 19, 2016

A brave doctor has published a stunning report on a commonly-administered vaccine that has rocked international medical and scientific communities.

Dr. Sin Hang Lee, M.D., F.R.C.P. (C), FCAP, director of the Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory in Connecticut, has disclosed serious “scientific misconduct” involving some of the world’s leading health organizations including the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS), the World Health Organization, and the CDC. His evidence highlights intentional deception used to fool health professionals and regulators regarding the safety of the HPV vaccines, Gardasil® and Cervarix®.

The evidence, which was discovered after Dr. Lee obtained numerous emails following an FOIA requested in New Zealand, reveals a lack of peer-reviewed credibility, an absence of qualifications from committee “experts”, and blatant scientific misconduct. Dr. Lee details:

Dr. Robert Pless, the chairperson of the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS), Dr. Nabae Koji of the Ministry of Health of Japan, Dr. Melinda Wharton of the CDC, Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris of Auckland University, New Zealand, and others (including WHO officials) may have been actively involved in a scheme to deliberately mislead the Japanese
Expert Inquiry on human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine safety before, during and after the February 26, 2014 public hearing in Tokyo.

The report divulges that Dr. Pless could ‘not find any scientific reviews on the HPV L1 gene DNA fragments in HPV vaccines’, so he reached out to Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris on February 18, 2014. The email states:

We are seeking your advice on someone who may be able to address the more detailed questions around HPV DNA – specifically the hypotheses you have address in your statement regarding the alleged role of aluminum binding to DNA fragments and subsequent effects. While the issue of whether the fragments constitute “contamination” has been dealt with, your statement was the only one to address the more obscure alleged consequences of the presence of those fragments. The GACVS has not yet had a chance to delve into the DNA question.”

Dr Lee’s report explains,”The FDA declaration confirming HPV DNA fragments in Gardasil® as an expected finding, but providing no safety data on these HPV DNA fragments after being injected into animals or humans, obviously does not represent a review by panels of experts because it does not refer to any animal or human experimental data on “aluminum binding to DNA fragments and subsequent effects,” which was supposed to be Dr. Pless’ major concern.”

HPV-victimsDr. Pless was unable to find any peer-reviewed data to address this concern, so he decided to ‘misbrand two unrelated articles and two unrelated chemicals in the vaccine Gardasil® so that he could use the CISA Network Technical Report on HPV-16 L1 particles to support his declaration on safety of HPV L1 gene DNA fragments after injection into humans’.

He used Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris’ blog published on social media as “evidence” for his claims.

Dr. Lee addresses this heinous misconduct in his report:

I find it incredible that the WHO GACVS had to depend on online science blog writings as evidence to dismiss the potential risk of HPV DNA fragments in Gardasil®. As evidenced in the email above, on February 18, 2014, Dr. Pless knew very well that the CISA Network Technical Report dated November 2012 did not address the presence of HPV L1 gene DNA fragments in the vaccine Gardasil®.

To read the entire stunning report, please visit here.

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