autism, roundup and vaccine connection

How Monsanto’s Roundup, Vaccines Converge to Fuel Autism, Neurological Diseases: Holistic Doctor Explains

By On February 12, 2015

With cases of autism and many other diseases on the rise in the United States, the holistic health community has begun a lengthy search for answers.

A recent presentation of data from MIT Research Stephanie Seneff warning that half of U.S. children will be autistic by the year 2025 showed a correlation between the increased use of glyphosate (the active ingredient in the Monsanto weedkiller Roundup) and rising autism rates, and has made waves throughout the community and beyond. 

Correlation doesn’t equal causation, but Seneff’s statistics are just one of many red flags that something is amiss.

Synergistic Destruction – How Vaccines and GMOs Converge to Fuel Disease

In the latest blog post for KINSEI, a center for mind/body balance, Dr. Matthew Buckley presents his research and theories for how a process known as microglial activation can be triggered by overconsumption of chemical residues found on GMO crops such as corn, soy, canola and sugar beets as well as wheat that is doused in Monsanto’s Roundup, and other foods.


[You can read Dr. Buckley’s full, detailed post with accompanying research by clicking here]

Microglial activation is a leading factor in all neurodegenerative-related health problems, including autism, Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s, non-situational depression, and virtually all forms of chronic illness.

In addition to this contribution to the deterioration of our health from Roundup, vaccines may also play a role and combine synergistically with Roundup leading to devastating health effects. 

According to Dr. Buckley’s post, “all vaccines induce some pro-inflammatory cytokine response, and are potential triggers for microglial activation…”

Leaky gut, another condition that has been linked to overconsumption Monsanto’s chemicals, is also part of a common thread that ties many of these illnesses together.

For a detailed breakdown of Dr. Buckley’s concerns (and the detailed research behind it) check out the original article by clicking here.