Hotel Features Sprayed Skies as Art in Rooms: Normalization of Geoengineering

By On December 27, 2017

How many times have you seen a picture full of chemtrails in, for instance an advertisement? Or a movie that seems to have been edited to actually place chemtrails in the sky when they weren’t present before? How many times have you seen a cartoon or children’s movie in which the skies are obviously sprayed?

There seems to be an agenda to normalize the appearance of hazed out skies in the minds of most people.. and it seems to have worked.

Now, people think this is normal.


In the latest little instance of normalizing geoengineering, a Marriott hotel in Newark, New Jersey apparently features walls painted to look like chemtrails, as if airplanes all do this and are somehow aesthetically pleasing.


It might take it too far to accuse each and every person who incorporates sprayed skies into their art as being part of a conspiracy to normalize it, but when it comes to cartoons and chemtrails… you can bet there is a conspiracy there.

Recently, an alleged atmospheric scientist came out and admitted the disclosure of chemtrail spraying could be happening soon.

US Navy scientist (verified) describes ongoing atmospheric engineering: "This is what is called "ChemTrails". Boeing and…

Posted by Patrick Roddie on Monday, December 18, 2017


Earlier this year, toxic metals such as barium (known to be present in geoengineering spray, as aluminum is of course), were sprayed out of a sounding rocket off the coast of Maryland by NASA.

The toxic metals were colored, and the mainstream media avidly reported on it as if it were some meteor shower or natural beauty. It was an obvious show of disrespect from the people ordering the skies to be sprayed, to those who know they are already spraying.

As CIA director John Brennan opened the floodgates last year by proposing that the US spray the skies to combat global warming, and as tireless whore for geoengineering, Harvard scientist David Keith continues to push for it, we all know it is already happening.


Did you know that in 2012, the president of Iran accused the US and its coalition of spraying the skies over the Mediterranean and causing drought in Iran?


For more perspective on this issue, read some articles by renowned geoengineering researcher and author Peter Kirby online here.

Here are some relevant videos on the topic.