Hospital Forced To Euthanize Patients, More Than One Thousand Have Been Killed

By On February 21, 2018

Headlines are being made about over a thousand patients who have met the fate of euthanasia in Ontario, Canada since the law was passed to legalize the practice. A provincial coroner’s report was brought to the attention of the public by Patricia Maloney, published on her website Run With Life.

Independent researchers such as Patrick Roddie, geoengineering activist from San Francisco, California have been pushing officials to release official statistics on death in the region to understand what health problems are plaguing his city. It’s actually sometimes relevant for people who care about their communities to understand what people die from annually.

For a different but similiar moral reason, this concerned citizen apparently wanted to know how many people had been euthanized in Canada.

There is no practitioner’s “billing code” for assisted suicide or euthanasia in the provincial health insurance plan’s benefits schedule, she was told by Ontario’s Ministry of Health. The cases were being tracked like any other by the provincial coroner’s office.

She obtained data from the Office of the Chief Coroner/Ontario Forensic Pathology Service that proves 1,030 people recieved “MAiD,” or “medical assistance in dying” up to the date of December 31, 2017. Therefore from June 2016 when the Canadian federal government legalized euthanasia to the end of 2017, over a thousand people were killed by doctors.

According to Life Site News:

“The report listed cancer-related as the underlying condition in 64 percent of the deaths, neurodegenerative in 14 percent, and circulatory-respiratory in 14 percent of the deaths.

“The other concern is the pressure that is being placed on healthcare workers to participate in killing their patients,” Schadenberg noted.

An Ontario court recently upheld a College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario policy requiring “doctors who oppose euthanasia to ‘effectively refer’ their patients to a doctor who will kill,” he pointed out.

A group of Christian doctors and associations had challenged the policy as violating their Charter rights.

The chief coroner report documented that 52 percent of the euthanasia killings took place in hospitals, 40 percent at home, five percent in long-term care or nursing homes, and three percent in retirement homes or seniors residences.”

Euthanasia is a heated issue. On one hand, people should have the right to decide to do what they want with their lives. On the other hand, it is incredibly dangerous for a government to permit it, although many would argue the state should really not be the enforcer of any regulations in a perfect world. A little research into the history of eugenics and involuntary euthanasia would illustrate how much of a slippery slope it is.

When euthanasia is accepted like this, usually a few things happen. One thing is, hospitals are legally forced to perform euthanasia and things they may not be morally comfortable with. Mainstream history readily recognizes that in Nazi Germany, hospitals were forced to perform euthanasia just like this. From the US to Germany in the first several decades of the 20th Century, involuntary euthanasia was a real thing.

The Fraser Health Authority in British Columbia, Canada, recently ordered non-religious healthcare facilities to euthanize patients (voluntarily), which they are referring to as (MAiD) at every opportunity to dehumanize the reality of the procedure with a less harsh, benign acronym. The order includes ordering hospices to euthanize patients, which is of course considered an infringement of the conscience rights of the medical practitioners.

The state is forcing Canadian hospitals to kill patients, unless they pretend they are religious just to avoid what they are morally opposed to.

The Fraser Health edict is going to affect institutions such as the Delta Hospice, that is opposed to euthanasia. Administrative leader with Delta hospice, Janice Strukoff said:

“Hospice palliative care is not about hastening death and we object to the bullying currently taking place in B.C.”

The executive director and founder of the Delta hospice, Nancy Macey stated:

“MAiD can be a traumatizing experience for staff, patients, and volunteers, and all groups might not want to stay or work there if the principals of palliative care are compromised. Hospices are already grappling with a shortage of health professionals so compelling the society to provide MAiD could exacerbate the problem.”

Delta hospice rejected it, and the medical director of the Fraser Health Palliative Care resigned, stating in the letter of his resignation:

“Providing euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide is not in accordance with palliative care (which) ‘affirms life and regards dying as a normal process …'”

Imagine if you were a doctor, and the government ordered that you must kill people or be out of a job. That’s literally what this is. Why do people think the medical director of Fraser Health Palliative Care is resigning? It’s shameful.

Regardless of a person’s opinion on the morality of euthanasia, forcing hospitals to kill patients who don’t want to is a grave act of tyranny.


(Image credit: Huffington Post)