High-Tech Suicide Chamber Legally Entices People to Take Their Own Lives

By On December 29, 2017

A futuristic looking, surreal chamber could soon be available for the use of you or a family member: to commit suicide.

The device is called Sarco, and it was produced by an Australian doctor named Philip Nitschke, who has been referred to as the “Elon Musk of assisted suicide.” Philip Nitschke has been involved in scandal after scandal for decades, helping people commit suicide and tirelessly campaigning for euthanasia.

The Sarco was created by the doctor’s organization Exit International. It is composed of a base, with a translucent chamber fit for a person that might entice any fan of technology to climb inside.

After a suicidal person settles inside, they push a button and the chamber starts to fill up with liquid nitrogen. The oxygen level goes down to about 5 percent, and a minute later, the person becomes unconscious. Soon after they die, and the chamber is used as a coffin.

For some reason Exit International’s founder really, really wants this technology to become widespread. They said Sarco “was designed so that it can be 3D printed and assembled in any location” and that the blueprints “will be free, made open-source, and placed on the Internet.”

According to Alternet:

“While accessibility is a major selling point, there is one hurdle would-be users will need to clear: a “mental questionnaire” that’s available online. Once a client has established mental health, they’re given a 4-digit code that opens the capsule door, the first in a series of steps to “a peaceful death…in just a few minutes.””

Have you ever known a family member or friend who committed suicide, or did drugs until they died? Have you ever thought about how you could have changed that decision, or done something to protect them from the momentary desire to die?

Having known people who committed suicide, I can’t imagine this becoming accepted in a society that struggles with that, such as the United States, where a drug epidemic is constantly ongoing.

The Alternet article continues, in favor of the device largely:

“According to Newsweek, a few suicide clinics in Switzerland have expressed interest in licensing the Sarco for use. There are also likely to be takers in other spots around the world. In addition to the new Victoria law, assisted suicide is now legal in Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, where it’s become an increasingly popular choice.

In the U.S., only teminally ill patients can opt for assisted suicide, and in many states, at least two doctors must verify the legitimacy of the request. State-specific legislative nuance governs “death with dignity” laws in California, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, D.C. and Washington. All that said, support for the right to choose when and how one dies is on the rise. In 2016, 69 percent of Americans said “doctors should be allowed to end a patient’s life by painless means.” That number increased to 73 percent this year.”

Now that the suicide machine has been explained, this article is going to take a turn toward some deeper info about the campaigns for legalized euthanasia.

A euthanasia propaganda film was making the rounds a few months ago, spurring viral headlines to emerge such as this one from Unilad titled “Euthanasia Video Of ‘Dying Man’ So Horrific People Can’t Watch It.” It influenced the euthanasia vote in Australia.

The Australian film depicts the death of a Victoria man named Greg Sims, as recalled by his daughter. He died of brain cancer.

According to 7 News:

“Stop The Horror depicts the agonising death of Victorian father Greg Sims, as recalled by his daughter Nia.

It is the latest project from award-winning Snowtown director Justin Kurzel and was released on Thursday by Go Gentle Australia as part of its campaign to see assisted dying legalised.

The Victorian parliament will hold a conscience vote this year on whether to create assisted dying laws for the terminally ill.”

The video is the epitome of fear-mongering. It was directed by Justin Kurzel, an Australian filmmaker known for producing horror movies. How did the Right-to-Die campaign come up with enough money to hire him to direct such a video?

Perhaps some influential people put money into it. Recently the Victorian parliament held a vote on whether to create assisted dying laws: the laws passed, and just days after the laws were passed, this suicide machine is being revealed. Why is that?

As the media operates in America, the Australian mainstream media, outlets such as Channel 7 or the Rupert Murdoch owned Daily Telegraph, propagandize about mandatory vaccination, euthanasia, and a host of other agendas.

An agenda of dehumanization is unfolding to state the simple truth. While people in agony who willfully choose to die instead of continue living in pain should have a right to do so, the people pushing pro-euthanasia propaganda have another agenda: it’s a little paradoxical.

People must understand that once euthanasia is legalized, historically it leads to abuse and horrible corruption involving the lives of people who can’t speak. People end up being “euthanized” who didn’t want to die, and money is made from it.

If one researches the American Euthanasia Society for example, and its role in a network of eugenics societies from the US to Nazi Germany where coercive sterilization was promoted, one might wonder why there is such an interest to legalize it today.

The American Euthanasia Society was renamed the “Society for the Right to Die” in 1975, before being renamed again.

Known racist and advocate for forced sterilization, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was on the American Advisory Board of the Euthanasia Society of America.

The interconnected nature of influential people’s relationships with eugenics societies is the same characteristic way it was before, today. According to an article titled “Just-Discovered Letter Shows Margaret Sanger Was Part of Euthanasia Society”:

“In 1938, just a few years prior to the American Birth Control League (ABCL) changing its name to Planned Parenthood, which today is the largest abortion provider in the nation, a group of American Eugenics Society Members and members of Margaret Sanger’s American Birth Control League (ABCL) formed the National Society for the Legalization of Euthanasia.

Another more famous name who was sat on the advisory board of this panel was Julian Huxley, who was a recipient of a Planned Parenthood award.”

Julian Huxley is the brother of Aldous Huxley, the author of Brave New World.

Don’t believe eugenics is still alive today? Have you ever heard of Margaret Hamburg, the ex-FDA commissioner under Obama who resigned after a racketeering scandal involving pharma giant Johnson & Johnson, ovarian cancer, and her husband’s massive hedge fund Renaissance Technologies?

She is the daughter of two leading figures in the American Eugenics Society: one is president emeritus of Carnegie Corporation of NY, David A. Hamburg.



The American Eugenics Society is now innocuously titled the “Society for Biodemography and Social Biology.” To check their full member list from 1945- 2009, click this link: more people of influence are involved with this modern eugenics organization. This truly goes deeper than any one article could articulate.

Those who hunger for the legalization of euthanasia are, and have always been, the same sick individuals who want to reduce population. Population control propagandists such as professor Malcolm Potts are the type of people who push for this.

People should be weary of powerful entities, and their campaigns for changing laws regarding life and death. Population control is real, and government shouldn’t have the power to tell people whether they can live or die, but there is something sinister being disguised by this campaign to promote euthanasia.


(Image credit: IBTimes/Exit International SayNSumthin)