Stephen Hawking: GMOs, Other Technology Could Render Us Extinct

By On January 26, 2016

Another scientist has predicted that humanity will not live past the next century. He says that we have created too many uncontained hazards in our march for progress. Most people ignore scientists forecasting issues that will interrupt the gallantry of our day to day life but this is no ordinary mind.

Stephen Hawking, famed theoretical physicist, and the first person to put forward the theory of cosmology. His career has been punctuated with pioneering breakthroughs and ideas.He has been a leading voice in most scientific societies since he graduated from Oxford in 1966.
Hawking says that (and was previously stated) humanity seems hell bent on its destruction.

Artificial intelligence, genetically modified viruses and nuclear energy are just a few of the dangerous advances in society that Hawking believes we are not taking seriously enough. Even the general reaction to a scientist’s warning danger in the future is shot down with apathy or criticized into submission. With so many educated minds crying out for us to be careful why don’t we listen? Hawking is not calling for research of any kind to stop. He is calling out for us to develop countermeasures, stating that.

“We are not going to stop progress, or reverse it so we must recognize the dangers and control them”

I couldn’t agree more. Researchers’ time may be better spent cleaning up sloppily done experiment or opening new lines of inquiry for practical applications of what we have.