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Government Records Describe “Deeply Worrying” State of Meat Industry, Millions At Risk From Eating “Dirty Meat” Sold in Stores

By On March 4, 2018

The meat industry has undergone a drastic overhaul since the beginning of the chemical-based “modern” agricultural system, as many medium-to-small sized family farms have been replaced by massive factory farms.

Instead of eating their natural diets and foraging for food on the farm, animals like pigs, cows and chickens have been crammed into large-scale industrial operations that produce immense amounts of waste and feed their animals unnatural GMO diets.

Now, the meat industry is being exposed even further by a new report detailing government records, and it just may make you think twice about eating factory farmed meat ever again.

Systematic, Wide-Scale Hygiene Failures Found in Shocking “Dirty Meat” Report

U.S factories that raise pigs and chickens for consumption can be found all over rural areas. Alarmingly, they have even been implicated in flushing massive amounts of waste downstream into the environments, leading to health scares as well as a historically large “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico.

But according to a new report detailed in The Guardian, these unsavory sanitation issues are being passed along to food consumers as well.

The report noted as many as 15% (one in seven) of the U.S. population suffers from food-borne illnesses annually. Could the meat industry be the biggest reason why?

“Deeply worrying” was the phrase used after the joint investigation was completed by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and The Guardian. It found a shockingly high number of hygiene incidents at U.S. meat factories, which could be a major worry for both U.S. customers and those in the UK if a trade deal is signed post-Brexit to allow this meat into their country.

Among the findings are that meat destined for the human food chain has been found riddled with fecal matter and pus-filled absecesses (confirming the warnings of a recent article that has gone viral in social media about pus being found on animals being sold and cut off by butchers), as well as contaminated pig carcasses lined with grease, blood and other filth.

Diseased poultry meat was also found in containers later used to hold edible food products, and factory floors have been flooded with dirty water that comes in close contact with production lines due to meat parts and other debris blocking the drainage systems.

Dirty chicken is also sometimes rinsed with chlorine and put back on production lines despite being dropped on the floor or soiled with feces, the report added.

Foodborne Illness Remains a Serious Problem, Is Dirty Meat the Reason Why?

In the U.S., nearly 15% of the population suffers from some form of foodborne illness, or about 48 million people. But in the UK, the number sits at just 1.5% of the population (1 million).

Could dirty meat in the United States be the biggest reaso

n why, and issues like bad bacteria entering our systems from a food system rife with overuse of antibiotics and over-saturation of toxins?

That is a question we all need to ponder, both now and every time we head to the grocery store.

Because as the results of this investigation show, the world is watching and our meat production system needs to clean up its act. Learn more by reading the full report here and let us know what you think on Facebook by clicking here.

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