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GMO Giant Fight: DuPont Files Lawsuit Against Monsanto

By On March 13, 2015

The DuPont company flies under the radar in comparison to Monsanto when it comes to drawing the ire of activists, but they’re also responsible in their own way for ongoing manipulation of our food supply.

Monsanto of course is the poster child for the chemicalized food and GMO movement (for good reason) and often seen as a monopoly, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t faced competition at times.

Recently both companies made headlines when it was announced that DuPont had filed a lawsuit against Monsanto claiming that its competitors did not pay them royalties over a specific technology used to develop GMO soybeans.


The technology in question, gene-gun based, is used to develop soybeans that can withstand even large-scale sprayings of synthetic herbicides.

Genetically modified soybeans account for at least 90% of the crop in the U.S., with many activists continuing to bemoan the lack of choices for eaters who wish to avoid the GMO variety.

For more information on the lawsuit by DuPont and the history of the disagreement between the two companies, check out the original article from here.