Gates Foundation Secretly Paid “Experts” to Manipulate UN Over Gene Drives

By On December 5, 2017

FOIA requested emails recently revealed a conspiracy between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and a PR firm named Emerging Ag, to get a secret coalition of academics to pull strings and manipulate a United Nations decision making process over gene drives.

The foundation paid Emerging Ag $1.6 million, according to emails obtained from the University of North Carolina by Edward Hammond of Prickly Research.

Gene drives are a term for when a gene is quickly spread throughout the entire population of a species in nature.

More recently, “gene drives” have been referring to artificial gene drives, or using genetic modification technology to place a gene into an entire species, usually meant to kill the species. Recently GM mosquitoes were released in Florida, that were designed to kill all other mosquitoes, much to the dismay of a public with no control over experimental technology being released all around them. Even more recently, it was announced that gene drive mosquitoes would be released in 20 US states.

Gene drives were described in an article from the Guardian:

“Indeed historians may well look back on last year’s proof of the ‘mutagenic chain reaction’ as biology’s ‘nuclear’ moment – analogous to Enrico Fermi’s proof of the nuclear chain reaction three quarters of a century earlier. Like the nuclear chain reaction, initiating a mutagenic chain reaction denotes awesome power over the future and has significant geopolitical ramifications. From an evolutionary perspective a gene drive might be better regarded as a ‘gene bomb’: dropped into the normal course of inheritance, it annihilates natural variety and captures the course of a species evolution from that point in time onwards. It may even annihilate the species itself. Because it spreads in the environment, a gene drive also exerts power over geography and may be a tool for controlling agriculture, food security and land.”

Surprisingly in that mainstream Guardian article, the author recognized that gene drives could give unyielding, unpredictable and ruthless political power to certain individuals or entities. It noted that recently, a lot of financial power was used to draw attention to the concept of gene drives, which culminated in a National Academy of Sciences report funded by the US military’s mad science division DARPA.

DARPA usually creates robotic killing machines, drones, self guided bullets, insect-like legs for helicopters to land on rough terrain, and things like that.

The DARPA funded report, “Gene Drives on the Horizon,” ignores critical issues about gene drives as one would expect, including “Militarization, Commercialization, Food Security and Biodiversity. The report tackles only the last of these and downplays or entirely ignores the remaining three,” according to the Guardian article.

Guess who else funded the biased report? The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

So what do people do when forces beyond their control are trying to release “biological nuclear bombs” on the planet we live on? They desperately try to organize against the technology and prevent it from becoming widespread, by any means necessary. It’s difficult to know what to do as a regular person, when a technology that  could alter the entire planet is on the horizon.

An effort to keep the technology from spiraling out of control is apparently underway, and that’s why the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave $1.6 million to Emerging Ag: it was to “co-ordinate a fight back against gene drive moratorium proponents,” according to Independent Science News.

This is important: a meeting of a UN committee designed to be a check and balance for this technology called the Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on Synthetic Biology (AHTEG) is due to take place on December 5th: today.

The revelation that Bill Gates’ foundation is paying allegedly independent and unbiased “experts” to promote gene drives in this fake United Nations “check and balance” should be explosively talked about in the online forum connected to the conference.

So if you want to expose the fake objectivity of this UN conference, speak your mind on their online forum by following probably intentionally complicated instructions here.

How exactly did Bill Gates’ foundation recruit allegedly unbiased experts to corrupt the UN meeting, and who were the “experts?” Continuing from the Independent Science News article:

“The FOIA emails reveal that the project coordinated by Emerging Ag was dubbed the “Gene Drive Research Sponsors and Supporters coalition”. It consisted of three members of a UN committee called the Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on Synthetic Biology (AHTEG) plus a larger group of 65 covertly recruited, but seemingly independent, scientists and officials, all coordinated by a still larger number of government officials (mainly from English-speaking countries), PR advisors, academics, and members of various Gates-funded projects.

The AHTEG on Synthetic Biology is part of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). This AHTEG is tasked with creating a formal set of regulatory recommendations to help governments avoid negative impacts on biodiversity. Its recommendations are supposed to draw from the discussions of an online forum of experts called The UN CBD Online Forum on Synthetic Biology.”

Gene drives could be used as a weapon in ways that are inconceivable. What if a particular animal or pollinating insect, a crop or something was vital to the survival of a particular group of people, and a technocratic controlling class plotted against them, for instance, an indigenous tribe in Paraguay, and they threw gene drive GM seeds into their forest to eventually eradicate their food source?

By the way, what if mosquitoes serve a purpose in the ecosystem? What about the fish who eat mosquito larvae, the birds and creatures who eat them, ect? What about an idea like using mosquito hawks, an insect that eats mosquitoes, to control the population instead, as owls are used to control mice in barns?

This is the world our children our inheriting. Anyone who cares about the future needs to pay attention: we’re on the precipice of having a lot more factors to consider when trying to ensure our children have a future.

For more info, check out this detailed article from Independent Science News.


(Image credit: MGF, BGR)