Gandhi’s Anti-Vaccine Views Were Rooted In His Non-Violence Philosophy

By On April 1, 2017

Posted on: Sunday, March 26th 2017 at 4:15 am
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Mahatma Gandhi is best known for his political accomplishments, both as India’s primary leader of the independence movement, as well as the architect of non-violent civil disobedience. But he was also a natural health advocate, who wrote extensively on the topic, including the dangers of vaccination. Most of his thinking on the topic can be found in A Guide To Health, published in 1921 and available to view in its entirety online.

This is one of Gandhi’s most often cited anti-vaccine quotes:

Gandhi’s opposition to imperialism and its varied forms of violence extended to all areas of British rule. This included the bio-imperialism of the British vaccination program, which according to Gandhi was imposed upon his people against their will:

“Its supporters are not content with its adoption by those who have no objection to it, but seek to impose it with the aid of penal laws and rigorous punishments on all people alike.”

Distrust in the British empire’s motives, while logical, was not necessary for Gandhi to question the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Gandhi identified several core problems at the root of vaccinology itself, which when taken into account, threaten to undermine the vaccine agenda in its entirety:

1. The nature of diseases like smallpox have been misconceived. While smallpox has a contagious component, vaccinated individuals can become infected, and non-vaccinated individuals remain immune, disproving Jenner’s original theory that vaccination equates to bona fide immunity.

2. Vaccination is an unsanitary practice. By injecting the ‘filth’ of a diseased cow and smallpox patient into the body of a healthy individual one inevitably makes them sicker, possibly producing new infections, ultimately resulting in a greater disease burden.

3. The route of administration of the vaccine — injection— harbors special dangers versus natural (oral) exposures to infection.

4. Fear of disease drives people to vaccinate against commonsense and rationality.

5. Vaccination is unethical and immoral because of the manner in which the vaccine is produced (through the great suffering of poisoned animals).

6. The income generated through vaccination is the driving reason why the medical profession does not wish to identify aforementioned problems in safety and efficacy.

7. Conscientious objectors should be willing to stand their ground with courage and face persecution and penalties.

8. Those objecting for medical reasons should aspire towards mastery of the subject such that they will be able to win others towards their perspective.

9. Sanitation, hygiene, fresh air, water, and clean food are essential for preventing infection and/or helping those infected to recover.

For a deeper understanding as to how vaccination undermines natural immunity, read Vaccine Illusion, a masterpiece of a book by PhD immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych, which is being given away for free for a limited time at this link.

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